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Review – The Stalking of Julia Gillard

By Matthew Horan  @mattyhoran July 9 2013 With the blood still fresh on the walls of the caucus room, Kerry-Anne Walsh’s The Stalking of Julia Gillard is a victim of excellent – or poor – timing. Excellent because the public is looking for an insight into what went wrong with the nation’s first female PM in […]

Media Rules: Election campaign bus 1996

By Margo Kingston 9 July, 2013 AS AUSTRALIA gears up for another federal election, I let my mind return to the 1996 election campaign bus. The caught-in-a-trap feeling returns, as does the strength of my determination when it was over to never, ever get on another election campaign media bus. Little wonder that the public has […]

Abbott’s #Battlerort lines collapse under @bkjabour questioning

By Margo Kingston 9 July, 2013 Today’s original Abbott #BATTLERORT transcript was kindly transcribed by Dr Lachlan Hinds – @Doclach, and Brock Turner – @Turlow1. There are errors and lies throughout – have a go at finding them by reading the letters in EXCLUSIVE: Abbott forced to repay $9,400 he charged taxpayers to promote his book. […]