Getting #leardblockade arrested, WTF is journalism and who’s the extremist: @margokingston1 interview with @dailytelegraph

[clear]   My third trip to #leardblockade last week helped me clarify my vision for No Fibs (see Mass arrests at #leardblockade: @margokingston1 Twitter report and Picnic at boundary of Whitehaven State Forest: @margokingston1 April Fools Day Twitter report). I’m happy to answer your question in comments. I’ve never been an ‘embedded journalist’ before, and it’s testing. I was allowed inside the #leardblockade camp and was privy to its plans and problems, most of which I could not report as it would tip off the other side. The journalistic upside was being able to report and photograph the camp and the people who had come along to help. Since no-one else was reporting them, this […]

Surfing a #Pilliga coal face: An @AshGrunwald adventure

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#Pilliga country lock on and chill out: @margokingston1 Twitter Report

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West from #leardblockade to #Pilliga, the next Liverpool Plains war zone: @margokingston1 Twitter Report

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Picnic at boundary of Whitehaven State Forest: @margokingston1 April Fools’ Day Twitter report

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Mass arrests at #leardblockade: @margokingston1 Twitter report

Post by Darren Harrison. Video by @NoFibs citizen journo @dazzaloveslife. Dazza interview with Bill Ryan after arrest. [View the story “#leardblockade day of action, by @margokingston1” on Storify]

Return to #leardblockade: @margokingston1 Twitter report

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Audio: The inside story of the fight to save SPC by its boss @MD_SPC

[clear] By Margo Kingston, 14 March, 2014 I spoke to SPC Ardmona managing director Peter Kelly for the first time this morning. He was on speaker phone with his marketing and communication director Bronwyn Powell. I had all your Twitter questions written down to ask, but Peter had read them all last night in preparation for our interview. My recording failed after the first 25 minutes and didn’t pic up till 44 minutes in. So I had a nervous breakdown, so to speak, but then I let that go and looked at what I had. Here is 25 amazing minutes of Peter Kelly telling the inside story of the fight to […]

Will Libs bite bullet, withdraw Howard’s over-the-top entitlements to self-funded retirees?

By Margo Kingston  @margokingston1 9th March, 2014 When Samantha Maiden reported today that the Audit Commission wanted super-generous seniors health card benefits to self-funded retirees reversed, I dug up my 2002 SMH budget comment on the matter. The Libs are to blame for this totally unsustainable entitlement culture they knew would help cripple the budget over time due to our aging population. If they don’t act in the budget and instead just cut benefits for the less well-off they will be credibility-naked. * Don’t hold your breath for action Source SMH: What a shocking dilemma! The Liberals overwhelmingly won the over-55 vote at the 2001 election, while Labor outpolled them […]

#leardblockade: Whitehaven Coal under criminal investigation for allegedly false statements on environmental offsets for Maules Creek mine

Evidence by Environment Department to Senate Estimates Environment and Communications Legislation Committee about Whitehaven Coal’s plan to fell the critically endangered Leard State Forest for a coal mine Senator WATERS (Greens, Queensland): Can I move now to the Maules Creek coalmine approval. Can the department table a copy of the independent review into the offsets issue? Mr Tregurtha : Under condition 10 of the Maules Creek approval, the proponent is required to provide the minister with verification, through independent review, of the quantity and condition class of the box gum woodland and ecological communities before 30 December 2013. Senator WATERS: Yes, and that was provided on the 27th. Can that be made public? Mr Tregurtha : That report […]