Meeting of minds at Port Macquarie #MarchInMarch attracts a drone @deanhepburn reports

By Dean Hepburn  @deanhepburn March 17th 2014 The drone flying over the March in March protest at Port Macquarie was an ominous portent of the direction the Abbott Government is fast taking Australia. Everyone marching was observed to look at it and smile, as though they felt Big Brother was watching over their shoulder. Despite it, they continued to march. The friendliness and camaraderie throughout the march, combined with the diversity of social groups and personal interests, made for a cosmopolitan meeting of minds and mates. About 500 people turned up at Port Macquarie, a sleepy, traditionally conservative city, to express their shared despair at the policy direction of their newly-elected […]

Moving Blue Mountains for #MarchInMarch: @bluntshovels reports

By El Gibbs  @bluntshovels 13th March 2014 Asylum seekers, the environment and funding for community services were all reasons given by people planning to attend the Blue Mountains March in March this Sunday. Rachel Higgins, from Springwood, is 17 and wants: “The best for the country and for me when I grow up”. She is worried about cuts to resources at her school, and to the schoolkids bonus. “There are four of us, and this is a stack of money that Mum is missing out on,” she said. “I want the march to raise a whole stack of awareness. There are so many marches everywhere and I hope that people will […]

Blasting the #MarchInMarch partisan myths: @jansant reports

By Wayne Jansson  @jansant 13th March 2014 March in March (MiM) has now grown to 31 events across the country, the main Facebook page has more than 42,000 likes, and growing. Last week The Border Mail ran a story about an MiM event for Wodonga, Victoria, claiming it was being organised by North-East Border Trades Hall. MiM organisers have been extremely careful to ensure their events are non-partisan and exclusively the initiative of concerned citizens, so NoFibs contacted MiM organisers for comment. MiM organisers were unaware of any event planned for Wodonga. Nothing about a Wodonga-based march or rally was listed on MiM’s official Facebook page or website at that time. Not being a user of […]

All your #MarchInMarch questions answered by @sacarlin48

By Anne Carlin  @sacarlin48 11th March 2014 The time is drawing nigh. March in March 2014 is happening this weekend in 29 locations across the nation, and then on Monday morning, the big one takes place in Canberra. You can check out the details of all the marches here. Many of you might be wondering what are these marches all about, who’s organising them, are they legal, will I be safe if I go? I did a little bit of research which I’d like to share with you. People coming together The most important fact to know is that March in March 2014 is simply about people coming together, people who want to […]

My bleeding heart is why I’m marching: @sacarlin48 on #MarchInMarch

By Anne Carlin  @sacarlin48 10th March 2014 In October 2013 I had the wonderful experience of attending the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF) in Bali. I had been once before but this time I got a full ticket and went to as many of the forums, talks, debates, book and poetry readings as I could. At the end of the four days I was an exhausted but relatively happy person. I had listened to so many interesting, clever, thoughtful and funny people from all over the world. I was alive and invigorated and my brain was ticking over incessantly. It was a great feeling, so why do I use the […]

Reza’s death demands a judicial inquiry, but where is the pressure? @GregDyett reports

[clear] By Margo Kingston  @margokingston1 27th February 2014 Here is the transcript and audio of  this evening’s SBS World Radio item by Greg Dyett @GregDyett on the Manus Island detention centre review and whether it will do the job. I’m thrilled there are a few journalists who understand how important this matter is for the victims and their families. Thanks for caring, Greg. Still no Manus review terms of reference? Anyone demanded judicial inquiry so G4S staff give fearless evidence, powers to gather evidence? — Queen Margo (@margokingston1) February 25, 2014 After his piece, I’ve taken the liberty of publishing a piece by David Marr in the SMH on the […]

We need to talk about: corporate and political entitlements

By Anon 25th February 2014 Our new government says the age of entitlement is over, so lets look at why that’s a good idea. If you export a product Austrade gives you grants for ‘promotional activities’ up to $150,000 a year, for eight years. The Export Grant Scheme is worth $150 million per year and runs until 2016. The Australian Institute of Export says it allows business to commit to: “Extra advertising, create new marketing materials, engage marketing consultants, undertake more trips to prospective markets, and set up promotional offices overseas”. On a “marketing visit” you get $300 a day for accommodation, entertainment and living expenses, oh, and a 65 […]

Eight hours up on the rig and @Rosiemay_28 is still fighting #EWLink

By Rosie Elliott @Rosiemay_28 19th November 2014 The Victorian Coalition Premier Denis Napthine wants an 18 kilometre tolled freeway and tunnel linking Melbourne’s western and eastern suburbs, and his tunnel vision has changed my life already! Since last October, around 30 to 40 picketers have held daily protests in the inner city streets of Collingwood, Fitzroy and Carlton. We are met daily by 40 to 200 police. There are all sorts on the pickets: maybe 200 picketers all up, local residents, some great young socialist types, public transport activists, and our community protest is backed by our excellent local Yarra Council. A lot of us determined but peaceful protesters are women […]

[email protected] whips-up a storm: Peach Meringue Pie for #SPCsunday

By Carol Duncan @carolduncan 14th February 2014 Living in Newcastle for the last 20 years has softened me up to the fight of the underdogs. My beautiful city (oh yes, it is!) has battled earthquake, the end of the steelworks, and the general malaise and apathy of a few locals who can’t see the forest for the trees. I’d spent the better part of a week talking on my radio program about SPC and the battle the company faced to stay alive; MP Sharman Stone had railed against her own party; Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson took my questions about ‘how trade agreements work’; and William Churchill from vegetable growers industry […]

Behind the pink: @Anniepalooza on how #BethWhaanga wears her breast cancer

By Annette Healey 14th February 2014 We’ve all seen them: those photos of Beth Whaanga, posted on Facebook, the ones that prompted 100 people to unfriend her, branding the pictures ‘disgusting’. In the first photo, Beth looks a knockout: bright red dress, immaculate hair and makeup, a very attractive woman with a lovely figure. In the following photos, shown in black and white, Beth, still with immaculate hair and makeup, has stripped down to her knickers and is showing the world what her body looks like after breast cancer and her subsequent breast reconstruction operation. These images are not disgusting but they are confronting. Very confronting. Why? Because the truth […]