Looking across the border, the #qldpol weekly wrap: @Qldaah

Sex offences almost double over the last year in Brisbane’s inner-western suburbs. Cash for LNP access. Funding cut: Campbell Newman’s Mother’s Day gift to dying women from breast cancer. Assistant Health Minister Dr Chris Davis sacked. Newman Govt ignored environmental concerns for Galilee Basin coal mine. Kids and coal: We are in the coal business. Bentley blockade, Metgasco and the Qld link. Federal budget 2014 fallout. Social Media Man. Stay safer up there, switch off down here. Tweet of the week. . Sex offences almost double over the last year in Brisbane’s inner-western suburbs Despite the Newman Government’s election pledge to make Queensland the safest place to raise a family, […]

Dirty deals done dirt cheap: @Qldaah #qldpol weekly wrap

May Day staying in May The cash poor Qld unemployment hits 6.3pc Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek sprung in secret deal Dirty deals done dirt cheap Palmer vs Newman Government CMC dealt a mortal blow Campbell Newman’s D-G Jon Grayson off the hook Heartbreak in Newman’s Qld: Struggling dairy farmers seek export to Asia Tweet of the week: Tim Nicholls the living treasure . May Day staying in May On Sunday, around 25,000 turned out for the May Day march and celebration in Brisbane, however, the traditional Labour Day public holiday, which would have fallen on Monday, was denied by the Newman Government, who moved it to October. Opposition Leader Annastacia […]

The Qld Conservative split, the #qldpol weekly wrap: @Qldaah

Tony Fitzgerald QC’s verdict: The Newman Government are “arrogant fools” Newman attacks Palmer: The Qld Conservative split Trouble ahead in the prison system Environment Minister calls for ban on Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Police Minister announces six cars crushed . Tony Fitzgerald’s verdict: The Newman Government are ‘arrogant fools’ The Liberal National Party (LNP) stacked parliamentary committee investigating the proposed changes to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) gave the green light to Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie’s revamp this week. Among the changes, the reporting structure will be brought under the control of the Queensland Government, the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee (PCMC) will have the power to veto CMC […]

Ethics and perception, the #qldpol weekly wrap: @Qldaah

Deterrent and punishment: The 3.5 per cent fine creep Qld votes: campaigning and speculation Asset sales: QIC sells Queensland Motorways for $7 billion Ethics Chair David Gibson’s troubled past and present Campbell Newman’s Director-General Jon Grayson drawn further into ICAC How AWH targeted Qld water customers and Ipswich ratepayers How Wayne Myers, associate of Campbell Newman’s D-G Jon Grayson, was employed at AWQ Logan Mayoral candidate baffled by AWH $5,000 donation Newman’s VLAD laws impact charity bike ride . Deterrent and punishment: The 3.5 per cent fine creep Everything from driving the car over the limit to walking the dog without a leash is being policed and heavily fined now […]

Does LNP Gympie MP David Gibson deserve a third chance? @Qldaah #qldpol

In 2012, Campbell Newman chose MP for Gympie, David Gibson as his Police Minister. However, two weeks into the job he resigned. Gibson had been caught speeding and driving without a licence on February 16, 2012. A non payment of a fine for a prior speeding infringement in May 2011 had led to his licence being suspended. Over the following four months, five letters were sent to his home reminding him to pay. Gibson claimed he was unaware of his licence being suspended. However, after a late night meeting with Premier Campbell Newman, he announced his resignation the following day and retired to the backbench. Eight months later, Newman handed […]

The old gross-debt net-debt trick, the #qldpol weekly wrap: @Qldaah

Youth employment payout With Queensland named the second highest in youth unemployment in the nation, at 13.4 per cent, The Sunday Mail has reported that the Abbott Government proposes to pay incentives and expenses for unemployed who stay in work. An allocation of $40 million has been set aside to pay youth to relocate to find work. A further $157 million will be shared amongst long-term unemployed aged 18-30 years who hold down a job for two years. The worst effected area of Queensland remains Cairns, according to a Brotherhood of St Laurence report. Over the past 2 years, youth unemployment has jumped 88pc to an average of 21.6pc in the […]

Picking on Pickerings, the #qldpol weekly wrap: @Qldaah

Cash for Campbell Queensland Premier Campbell Newman was named in New South Wales this week as part of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) inquiry into former Labor MP Eddie Obeid and his links to Australian Water Holdings (AWH). Newman had received a cash donation to his mayoral election campaign of $5000 in return for meeting with executives of AWH. Read the full story here. Reports of starvation in Queensland prisons The consequences of the Newman Government’s ‘get tough on crime’ approach is more people in the same amount of prisons. The prison population is up by 23 per cent or 1268 prisoners since the 2012 election, a total of […]

Cash for Campbell, Newman named in ICAC inquiry: @Qldaah analysis #qldpol

Introduction Ch1: Cash flows into the LNP Ch2: Calls for Inquiry Ch3: DP Jeff Seeney backs Newman Ch4: Campbell Newman’s Director-General Jon Grayson drawn further into ICAC Ch5: AWH targeted Qld water customers and Ipswich ratepayers Ch6: How Wayne Myers, associate of Campbell Newman’s D-G Jon Grayson, was employed at AWQ Ch7: The big deal: AWH chief Nick Di Girolamo boasted to investors after Jon Grayson meeting (April 07, 2014) Introduction Much to Queensland’s surprise, Premier Campbell Newman was named in New South Wales this week as political worlds collided over former NSW Labor MP, Eddie Obeid. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) heard that Newman had received a $5,000 […]

A State of protest: @Qldaah weekly wrap from #qldpol

Doctors’ dispute rages: Campbell Newman’s Queensland Government intensified its assault on public health care doctors this week by seeking a federal court injunction to prevent what it labeled as “misinformation” being disseminated by unions. In a week in which the nation discussed freedom of speech in relation to modifications to the Racial Discrimination Act, many tweets from outside Queensland asked, “Could this really be happening?” Sadly, to commentators in #qldpol it was a familiar strategy by the Newman Government to silence debate. The matter will be heard in the Federal Court on May 25, but the deadline for Queensland doctors to sign new individual contracts is April 30. As no temporary […]

Newman Government’s second anniversary: doctors, lawyers and another MP pay rise: @Qldaah analysis

Campbell Newman’s Liberal National Party (LNP) has completed its second year in office. However, the March 26 anniversary was marred by more controversy. Newman began the week by announcing a proposal for new alcohol related violence laws: Life for one-punch killers, user-pays drunk tanks among new booze plans for Queensland. This would see tougher penalties imposed on ‘coward punch’ killers. Police would also have special ‘chill-out’ areas around the clubs precinct where those overindulging could be escorted for recovery. They’d also be fined on first offence a penalty of $200 for their stay. In the wake of the disastrous Redcliffe by-election which saw Labor take the seat from the LNP […]