Atmosphere of Hope: Tim Flannery on #climate engineering at #MWF15 – @takvera


Professors Clive Hamilton and Tim Flannery on the morality, necessity and possibilities of engineering the climate by carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies. A Melbourne Writers Festival event, Saturday 29 August 2015. I attended the discussion between Professors Clive Hamilton and Tim Flannery at the Melbourne Writers workshop on Saturday morning. Climate change has been a […]

Joint Standing Committee to consider @mirabellasophie’s #Indivotes tactics: @TammyLeeAtkins comments


Let’s change the rules to ensure polling day’s a more positive experience Polling day’s an opportunity to celebrate democracy and reconnect the public with politics, so voting should be a positive experience that encourages us to reflect on our ability to vote and have a say about how we’re represented. Based on feedback from supporters, […]

People power cancels #borderforce visa checks and creeping fascism in #Auspol: @takvera reports


[View the story “People power cancels #borderforce visa checks and creeping fascism reports @takvera #Auspol” on Storify]

Commonwealth Ombudsman investigating @AFPmedia’s handling of #Choppergate affair: @Jansant reports

Bronwyn Bishop chopper

The Commonwealth Ombudsman is investigating the Australian Federal Police (AFP) (@AFPmedia) over their handling of the Bronwyn Bishop MP, #Choppergate affair, after a complaint was lodged by No Fibs co-publisher, Tony Yegles (@geeksrulz). The Ombudsman probe will include: “the AFP’s use of discretion in relation to its application of the Minchin Protocol” “the AFP’s explanation […]

Writers talking Climate Change and Place at #MWF15 Footscray – @takvera

Melbourne skyline from Footscray wetlands. Photo: John Englart

How we communicate climate change is important. Whether it remains a distant event in time or space, or can be intimately connected to the present and locations we know and love, can make all the difference in how people perceive and act on the issue. Writers are coming to terms with this in different ways, […]

#MarriageEquality on the never never: @burgewords on the politics of hope


It’s clear marriage equality will remain just a high hope TONY Abbott has knocked Australian progressives and moderate Liberals into motionless disappointment on marriage equality. The biggest political football of his government has been booted around by parliament again. There’ll be a few free kicks when the cross-party marriage equality bill comes before parliament, but […]

Australian #climate targets half of what is needed say scientists – @takvera #Auspol

Greg Hunt, Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop announcing Australia's post 2020 climate targets.

Australia’s post 2020 climate targets were approved in cabinet last night ahead of a Liberal and National Party room caucus meeting today. The post 2020 climate targets were announced at a press conference (See transcript and media release) today and amount to 26 to 28 per cent emissions reduction on 2005 levels by 2030. In […]

Export #solar not #coal, a 21st century Australian infrastructure project writes @takvera

Australia's Solar Radiation Energy Resource

If our Australian political leaders had any vision they might consider a 21st century renewables energy scheme similar in scope and vision to the Snowy Mountains Hydro scheme, for northern Australia, and linking us with some of our northern neighbours. Instead we have seen political pandering to the greed of fossil fuel companies, like the […]

Labor’s 50 percent #renewables policy bare minimum for staying under 2 degrees. #Auspol says @takvera

Mr Shorten views UNSW's rooftop solar panels with UNSW Engineering Dean Mark Hoffman, President and Vice-Chancellor Ian Jacobs, Professor Stuart Wenham, Professor Martin Green and Labor member Matt Thistlethwaite. Photo: Robert Largent.

Labor Opposition leader Bill Shorten’s advocacy of a 50 per cent renewables target at Labor’s National conference in Melbourne has effectively made action on climate change a policy point of difference from the Abbott government for the next election. But the target has been assessed as the bare minimum renewables target for staying on a […]

Battle of #coal vs #renewables in northern Queensland writes @takvera

Photo: John Englart

In the 2015 Australian budget $5 billion was put aside for a northern development fund. Prime Minister Tony Abbott called on Business leaders in Queensland’s north to develop a plan for a power station that could be considered for funding under this new fund. The Federal Government would like to see something like a proposal […]