Diesel fuel rebate – killing us softly: @e2mq173 comments

  It was reported this week that the Nationals had been tricked – played like a fiddle by their coalition partners. The Liberals are said to have leaked plans to reduce the diesel fuel subsidy as a strategy to get the Nationals to support a resumption in the indexation of the petrol tax. When faced with […]

Corporate Australia – is that the best you can do? @e2mq173 comments

In an interview on ABC TV’s The World, BHP Billiton CEO Andrew Mackenzie defended the Abbott/Hockey budget, saying the change in the national conversation about economic contribution would prevent a decline in Australia’s standard of living. In other words, you’re either an economic contributor – or you’re not. Mr Mackenzie’s comments reflect an underlying worldview […]

Abbott’s Green Army a Trojan horse? @e2mq173 comments

There are many reasons for criticising PM Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey’s first budget – it is brutal, short-sighted and mean-spirited. One of the few budget themes commentators have not discussed widely is the impact on Australia’s environment. Landcare was established in the 1980s in regional Victoria and is regarded as a successful model […]

No Mother’s Day for Abbott’s cabinet: @e2mq173 comments

I would extend a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in Tony Abbott’s cabinet, but there are none. Fancy that – around the cabinet table in the nation’s highest office there is not a single mother. This is not a reflection on Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. Rather, it is a reflection on the unrepresentative […]

Dear Commission of Audit: @e2mq173 comments

Dear Mr Shepherd and fellow commissioners, I am writing to thank for your bold and transformational vision for Australia. It’s amazing the wonders that can be achieved when smart people detach themselves from their social conscience. Not since the White Australia policy have we seen such a comprehensive plan for cleaning and purging the nation. […]

Abbott and the temporary marriage scam: @e2mq173 comments

Before the last election, Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised Australians  a “no surprises, no excuses government”, focussed on stabilising the economy and “stopping the boats”. More importantly, he promised that he would lead a government of lower, simpler and fairer taxes. It’s hard then to imagine what he was expecting when he announced a debt […]

Tony Abbott’s final swipe at Neville Wran: @e2mq173 comments

The twist in a tumultuous week in NSW politics was the passing of former Premier Neville Wran on Sunday, April 20. Mr Wran entered the NSW parliament in 1970 and was Premier from 1976 until he retired from politics in 1986. As Premier, Mr Wran delivered a moderate and stable government which continued to be […]

The Australian Easter parable of the Good Samaritan: @e2mq173 comments

The parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) is one of the New Testament’s best-known and most powerful stories. It’s an old story in need of updating for a modern audience. In 21st century Australia, the tale might go like this: A man was on his way from Jerusalem to Jericho when he was attacked by robbers. […]

Labor walking the barbed wire fence: @e2mq173 comments

By Errol [email protected] From Left Field Neither of Australia’s two major political parties can take comfort from the results of Western Australia’s Senate rerun. Conservative voters abandoned Abbott’s simplistic messages in favour of the nonsensical ones offered by Clive Palmer. Progressive voters turned their back on Labor in favour of The Greens. Can the story get […]

The right to insult – Murdoch suggests Muslims to blame for #MH370: @e2mq173 comments

18th March 2014 By Errol Brandt From Left Field Rupert Murdoch was in fine form over the weekend, making wild allegations about those responsible for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. Rupert made it clear that he believed “Muslims” were to blame for the missing flight. Without evidence – unless he is privy to information denied […]