Dear Gina @e2mq173 responds #DearGina

By Errol [email protected] From Left Field Dear Gina, You probably receive a lot of fan mail. but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your piece about the Age of Entitlement. Quite frankly, we don’t hear enough scornful derision from the plutocracy these days. Your article warmed my cold heart. Unfortunately I fear […]

Corporate assistance for the greedy, not the needy @e2mq173 comments

By Errol [email protected] From Left Field 31st January 2014 Prime Minster Tony Abbott has sealed the fate of fruit growers and processing workers in the Goulburn Valley region of northern Victoria, by refusing the company’s plea for $25 million in federal assistance. Deciding which industries to support is a difficult question for governments. When it comes […]

Has Abbott changed his mind on a Soviet-style media? @e2mq173 comments

By Errol [email protected] From Left Field 29th January 2014 Prime Minister Abbott seems to have changed his mind on Soviet-style media reforms. Despite criticising the proposed Gillard/Conroy media reforms of March 2013, Abbott now appears interested in additional regulation that would force the ABC to go a little easier on the government. In 2013, Abbott told […]

Abbott’s undeserving poor @e2mq173 comments

By Errol [email protected] From Left Field 27th January 2014 Tony Abbott appeals to the kind of voter who likes to believe in simple stereotypes and even simpler solutions. His attack on Australia’s welfare recipients is the latest version of a strain of conservative politics that relies on disparaging a set of people known as the ‘undeserving […]

Killing for conservation @e2mq173 comments

By Errol [email protected] From Left Field 27th January 2014 Shocking images, like the one above, are circulating again through social media. They are part of a grassroots campaign to draw attention to trophy hunting, the business of hunting African animals for sport. The image above is particularly powerful. It depicts a happy family crouched in front […]

Abbott’s slogans fail to inspire in Davos @e2mq173 comments

By Errol [email protected] From Left Field 25th January 2014 Tony Abbott took centre stage at the World Economic Forum this week in Davos, Switzerland. He was there to outline Australia’s vision for the presidency of the G20 and set the agenda for various G20 meetings and events during 2014, culminating with the Leaders’ summit on November […]

Muddying the waters between guardians and traders @margokingston1 reports

Intro by Errol [email protected] 10th January 2014 2014 will be a busy year for investment bankers in Australia. The Abbott government has approved an increase in private health cover premiums that is higher than inflation – an excellent indication that the government is fattening Medibank Private ahead of its sale later this year. But what happens next? Will the […]

Greg Hunt and the Galilee Basin: a country of their own @e2mq173 comments

By Errol [email protected] Current affairs 2nd January 2014 If there’s an economy in Australia that should be concerned about the impact of climate change, it’s agriculture and tourism-dependent Queensland, yet Australia’s Federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, recently approved the expansion of coal handling facilities at Abbot Point, on the state’s east coast. Traditional economists […]

Direct action: go to the bottom of the class @e2mq173 comments

By Errol [email protected] 30th December 2013 One of Tony Abbott’s cornerstone election issues was the repeal of the carbon pricing mechanism known as the ‘carbon tax’. His alternative is an interventionist policy called ‘Direct Action’.  Rather than using the power of the market to give companies an incentive to reduce their emissions, Abbott plans to give cash […]

Holden, Qantas – one door closes, another opens @e2mq173 comments

Comment by Errol Brandt [email protected] From Left Field 16 December 2013 PM Abbott and Treasurer Hockey are obviously deeply upset about Holden’s decision to cease manufacturing in Australia – crocodile tears for the jobs, real tears for the loss of opportunity to beat up the trade unions. One door closes – another opens . . […]