Local food manufacturing? Take it to the retail giants @e2mq173 reports

  By Errol Brandt Want local manufacturing? Fix the retailers. If car manufacturing in Australia was sick before the election, then it’s now in intensive care. Treasurer Joe Hockey has previously indicated that a Liberal government should “draw a line in the sand” on support for the car manufacturers.  This probably means the end of […]

‘But’, not ‘and’: Palmer set to prove the Nats are a spent force @e2mq173 reports

By Errol Brandt Undoubtedly the biggest shock from the last federal election was the emergence of Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party (PUP). Politicians and journalists alike dismissed Palmer as a buffoon. Fanciful stories of CIA plots and a dubious understanding of macroeconomics appears to have distracted them from seeing Palmer as a shrewd political tactician. […]

Who says business wants to scrap the carbon tax? @e2mq173 reports

By Errol Brandt The government is telling a fib when it says that business wants to scrap the carbon tax. At best, this might reflect the views of some, but it completely ignores the views of others. Although not in any official capacity, I say this as somebody directly involved with implementing carbon pricing at […]

Jobs for the boys: have the decency to declare where you stand – Errol Brandt @e2mq173 reports

By Errol Brandt I attended a business breakfast last week and listened to a panel of academics and business leaders talk about the Asian century. When taking questions from the audience, somebody asked about diversity in business. Naturally, the panellists vigorously agreed with each other about the need for diversity in business. However I couldn’t […]

Keep Australia Beautiful – fighting for its own demise? Errol Brandt – @e2mq173 – reports

By Errol Bandt Earlier this year, Australian beverage industry giants Coke, Schweppes and Lion successfully challenged the Northern Territory’s container deposit scheme in the federal court. Container deposit schemes (CDS) require consumers pay a small deposit when they buy bottled beverages (10 cents) and have that deposit refunded when the container is returned to a […]