Independent candidate for Higgins Graeme Weber: @gemoo4 interview

By Georgie Moore  @gemoo4 5 September 2013 Candidate Q&A I talk politics with independent candidate for Higgins Graeme Weber. Georgie: You are running as an independent pro-nuclear conservative. When people think of a conservative political candidate, the first thing that crosses their mind usually isn’t a push for nuclear power. Do you think your candidacy has surprised people? Weber: I’m sure my candidacy has surprised a lot of people, but it is what I’ve been reading and discussing and working on for at least a decade. Georgie: How did you get involved in politics? Weber: I got into politics when I was very young, my wife and I met through young […]

PUP face in Higgins: @gemoo4 interview

By Georgie Moore  @gemoo4 26 August 2013 I talk personal and party politics with the Palmer United Party candidate for Higgins Phillip Dall. How did you get into politics? Well I have seen the ad that Clive Palmer was running [early June] about the Palmer Party saying that you do not need to have political experience. You just need to be a concerned Australia. I’ve often said, and I’ve often heard people say that “I wish I could do something about it; I wish I could have an influence.” Well it turns out now, for the first time in my life, I think I can. So that’s why I’m going for […]

Burke questions why she runs for Labor

By Georgina Moore, 5 August, 2013 The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Anna Burke, has wondered aloud whether she still belongs in the ALP after recent cuts to foreign aid and the party’s new hardline policy on asylum seekers. Speaking at a candidates forum in Melbourne on Sunday night, the member for Chisholm said the government needed to reach the nation’s goal of increasing foreign aid to 0.7 per cent of the gross national income faster. “I think we should be getting to the 0.7 [per cent] quicker, but I’m not the one sitting in finance and budget so I can make those comments,” Ms Burke said. In 2010, Labor pledged to increase foreign aid […]

Higgins MP Kelly O’Dwyer: @gemoo4 interview

By Georgie Moore 4 August 2013 I talk personal and party politics with the Liberal MP for Higgins Kelly O’Dwyer. Georgie: How did you get into politics? O’Dwyer: Well, look, I was always interested in politics. I do not come from a political family. My family were interested in the issues affecting their local community. I grew up in Emerald [in Dandenong] which is quite some way away… grew up there on five acres with the goats, the veggie patch, the whole lot. It was a great, great upbringing. And really, I suppose, for me, a political awakening came when I was in about year 10, during the Keating recession […]

The Greens face in Higgins: @gemoo4 interview

By Georgie Moore 22 July 2013 In Conversation with The Greens’ candidate for Higgins James Harrison This is the second of a series of Q&As, where I talk personal and party politics with the candidates for the Higgins electorate. Next, I will speak with Liberal incumbent Kelly O’Dwyer. Georgie: James, how long have you been involved in politics? James: Well I’m relatively new to the world of politics. So, last October was the first time I ran in an election, which was the [City of Stonnington] council elections. Georgie: By how much did you lose in last year’s council elections? James: I missed out by 28 votes of being elected. Georgie: […]

@gemoo4 in conversation with Labor’s Higgins candidate Wesa Chau

By Georgie Moore 11 July 2013 The first piece on Higgins: Costello country: Higgins by @gemoo4 This is the first of a series of Q&As, where I talk personal and party politics with the candidates for the Higgins electorate. Next, I will speak with Greens candidate James Harrison. Georgie: So Wesa, how did you get into politics? Chau: I’ve actually joined the party since 2004. So it’s been a while and I’ve been doing a lot of activities around community work. I’ve been doing a little bit of community work and through that, I get you know, an understanding of how the political system works. Georgie: In what kind of community work […]