PUP puts its money into #WAvotes: @GuinevereHall talks to ex-candidate Gary Morris

The only election flyers I have received during this campaign have been from Palmer United Party (PUP). The first was a CD of speeches and a Titanic clip, mass produced in China and distributed to every home in Western Australia; then a written message from Clive Palmer telling me that only PUP can get rid of the carbon and mining taxes. Our airwaves are saturated with Clive Palmer’s voice, every ad break on television or radio features at least one ad with either Clive or Des Hedland, their number two candidate. There is even one amusing ad featuring Christine Milne, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, all urging us to vote […]

Freedom and Prosperity Party’s @NoDirectAction campaigns from east coast: @GuinevereHall reports #WAvotes

[clear] A handful of the 77 candidates vying to represent Western Australia in the rerun Senate election live in other states. I contacted Bill Koutalianos, president of the Freedom and Prosperity Party and its number one senate candidate, via Twitter and email. At first he said he wasn’t intending to come to Perth in the lead-up to the election. However, after some pressure, he made it over last week to speak to me and will be back next week to be involved in a candidates’ forum. I asked him how well he felt he could represent a state that he doesn’t live in. He agreed it was a fair question […]

No ‘Big Australia’: @GuinevereHall meets Sustainable Population Party for #WAvotes

[clear] Last week I caught up with the Sustainable Population Party’s candidate for the WA Senate election, Peter Strachan, and party founder and president, William Bourke. Mr Strachan has always interested in the population issue, having worked 11 years in a variety of countries, he has seen the impact of unsustainable population growth. “When I arrived in Kenya in 1974, their population was 12.7 million, the same as Australia at the time. Kenya now has 48 million, while Australia has increased to 23.4 million, and one of the world’s biggest slums is now in Nairobi. This is not an improvement,” he said. “I arrived in Cairo in 1977, the population […]

First impressions of a Pirate Party: @GuinevereHall reports on #WAvotes

After the surprise showing of minor parties at the 2013 Senate election there has been plenty of interest in the Pirate Party’s policies and preferences during the 2014 West Australian Senate rerun. Last week I spoke to Fletcher Boyd, the lead candidate for the Pirate Party Australia, which did not contest the 2013 WA Senate election but did run candidates in other Senate races. We are one of the few parties who have never engaged in a meeting with Glenn Druery (the ‘Preference Whisperer’) “Last year we didn’t have a strong enough presence in WA to justify spending money to run, and we didn’t have a strong enough volunteer base,” Boyd said. […]

Storify: #MarchInMarch Perth reported by @GuinevereHall and @Trixie_Boo

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Disquiet on the western front: @GuinevereHall interviews Senator Scott Ludlam #WAVotes

The Greens’ Senator Scott Ludlam is having the time of his life. Five years after being elected he has seen his personal profile rise to the point that he’s now getting recognised on the street. There was also a lot of attention garnered from his “Welcome to WA” speech that went viral. Senator Ludlam spoke at length to No Fibs this week. The Carbon tax is the most effective piece of public policy I have ever seen. Guinevere Hall: Why do you think your public profile has increased so much? Scott Ludlam: When the recount shenanigans were happening and then the votes were lost, that actually lifted my profile here in WA […]

Progressive, to a point: @GuinevereHall interviews the ALP’s Senator Louise Pratt

Before meeting with Senator Louise Pratt I needed to do a quick Google search, because West Australian senators don’t seem to have high profiles, and the Senate election appears less personality-driven than the election of House of Representatives, with the exception of a few players. Senator Pratt is currently the Parliamentary Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Water. After considering a career in journalism or academia, she joined the Labor Party at 21 because she wanted to be a participant in change, not a commentator. She was first elected to political office at 28. Last year she was demoted to the second position on the WA Labor Senate ticket behind Joe Bullock. […]

Fringe dwellers, sharks, preference paybacks and viral videos: @GuinevereHall reports on #WAvotes

The candidates for the West Australian Senate election have been quick off the mark with opening statements on how they see the issues. The Liberal Party, with the most to lose from the Senate rerun, came out hard against minor parties. Julie Bishop said: “The outcome of this election will not mean a change of government and it won’t mean that the Liberal Party has control of the Senate. What we need to do is ensure that there is a strong representation from Western Australia inside the government. Labor Senators can’t deliver that, minor parties can’t deliver that, fringe dwelling parties can’t deliver that. That’s why we are asking the […]

Counting and counting again, and again: @GuinevereHall on the #WAvotes

As I write this, a new election is to be held for the Western Australian Senate, the first time this has happened since 1907, when there was a re-vote for a single Senate position in South Australia. How did it come to this? The 2013 WA Senate election saw Labor’s Louise Pratt and the Palmer United Party’s Zhenya Dio Wang win the last two Senate spots. However, this was challenged by The Greens’ Scott Ludlum and the Sports Party’s Wayne Dropulich, due to the difference of just 14 votes at a critical point in the count. A recount was called and the new winners appeared to be Ludlam and Dropulich. […]

Election campaign? Tangney election wrap by @GuinevereHall

  By Guinevere Hall 2 September, 2013 I recently discussed the election with my 19 year old hair dresser after I remarked that she would be voting for the first time. She only enrolled when sent a notice saying she was going to be fined. Her colleague called out, “It’s only  $20”, to which she swore and wished she hadn’t bothered. So how would she vote? “What’s the choice? I’ll just ask my parents who they vote for and just do that.” I explained that our current representative for Tangney was Dennis Jensen, who didn’t think climate change was real and refused to participate in the apology to the Stolen […]