No limits on political donations, but more and more public funding

by Graeme Orr May 28, 2013 Australia has a lax campaign finance regime by western world standards.  At national level there are no limits on donations and no limits on expenditure.  Instead, we have a 30 year old system where the parties are fed public money – currently around $2.50 per vote – in return for disclosing larger donations – currently for donors worth around $12 000 pa. Today, news arrives of a government bill to increase public funding and lower the donation disclosure level.   Public funding will rise $1 per vote, ostensibly to defray party administrative rather than campaign costs.  Donations totalling over $5000pa will have to be disclosed. The […]

Twitter’s storm-water drain an adaptive moment for the MSM

By Catharine Lumby May 28, 2013 When a big news story breaks it is like a downpour. Twitter is like a storm water drain, lots of rubbish gets swept along with the deluge but there is always something worth distilling. There are plenty of iconic examples, from reports on the Arab Spring uprisings to the recent hunt for the suspects in the Boston bombing. As any professional journalist who spends time on Twitter knows, social media has radically altered the face of mainstream journalism. Twitter coverage of the Boston marathon bombings and the subsequent gun battle culminating in the capture of two suspects made this shift visible. As Washington Post […]