Part 11 of NoFibs Australian election coverage 2016: @Qldaah #ausvotes #auspol #qldpol

Ongoing coverage of the Australian election campaign for 2016.

2016 Election Scorecards for #Ausvotes to help you decide: Curated by @takvera

Still undecided after several weeks of the election campaign? Are you confused on policies? Do you have a pet issue that may influence your vote? I might have just the election issue scorecard to help you decide. I have always been more interested in party policies than voting for the personality of a candidate or leader. Ultimately policies are what really count, although there is evidence that many electors are more influenced by appearance than policies, according to psychologist Dr Lissa Johnson in New Matilda. Election scorecards are produced by a wide range of community, union and social policy organisations. These organisations often have a high level of policy expertise. […]

Part 8 of NoFibs Australian election coverage 2016: @Qldaah #ausvotes #auspol #qldpol

Ongoing coverage of the Australian election campaign for 2016.

#ausvotes #kidsdebate on climate, internships, invasion and treaty, gender pay gap – @takvera

Some probing questions asked by youth reporters live with Barnaby Joyce Nationals Member for New England, Greens Senator Larissa Waters and Labor’s Amanda Rishworth MP at a debate organised by Crinkling News, a new weekly newspaper for youth in Australia Our youth are the next generation of voters and their concerns need to be listened to and and answered. The questions were entertaining, probing and refreshing and the debate far more edgy than the leaders debate between Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten or the National Press Club Environment Debate between Greg Hunt and Mark Butler. Maybe we need to have more kids debates and ensure their voices are heard? The […]

Part 6 of NoFibs Australian election coverage 2016: @Qldaah #ausvotes #auspol #qldpol

Ongoing coverage of the Australian election campaign for 2016.

Part 5 of NoFibs Australian election coverage 2016: @Qldaah #ausvotes #auspol #qldpol

Covering the Australian election campaign for 2016.

MIA Labor candidate Luke Willis finally speaks up, but no funds and no chance in Tangney

By Guinevere Hall August 18, 2013 I was ready to write my missing-in-action piece when the elusive Labor candidate for Tangney in Western Australia Luke Willis finally made contact. There had been numerous emails and weeks of silence but then he agreed to meet for an interview. We met at a local café in Riverton and he had an explanation. The young Labor candidate had been busy with his medical studies – he is in his third year and has recently being doing his GP placement. Mr Willis, 20, was nervous at first and did admit to little apprehension about the interview, but he soon warmed up. Luke Willis says he […]

Virgin voter @marozzi_m is here to help other first-timers

By Matilda Marozzi @marozzi_m 15 August 2013 Young people: politically disengaged, apathetic and un-enrolled. This seems to be the portrayal of Gen Y as the 2013 election approaches. As a 20-year-old election virgin I know this is not always the case. Future Politicians is a website and radio show I run with fellow reporter and election first-timer Broede Carmody. Every week we meet aspiring politicians and get their take on the issues of today. Our guests are all under 30, articulate and politically engaged in both policy and politics. If you have doubts, listen to Victorian Young Liberal Lev Cherkasski and his Young Labor counterpart Xavier Smith speak on the Gonski reforms. […]

Politicians, media and feminists beware: Our youth are paying attention