Climate was the issue and the weather joined in – Rick Hoyle-Mills @RickHM reports

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Australia raises its voice for #PeoplesClimate: @richardsheggie #environment report

Global climate rallies Estimates of the crowd at the Melbourne climate change march last Sunday ranged from 25,000 to 30,000. The Sydney climate change rally in Bicentennial Park, Glebe, was a more modest affair of about 1000, competing as it did with the Sydney Marathon and a nearby Balmain/Rozelle event to commemorate those killed in the recent Darling Street explosion. The Australian crowd sizes were similar to those at the November 2013 rallies, but were dwarfed by the estimated 40,000 climate marchers in London and 400,000 in New York City. Many hundreds of thousands of people mobilised in climate rallies across an estimated 150 countries. The main focus at the Sydney […]