The Bleijie Betrayal: analysis, @Qldaah #qldpol

The relationship between the Newman Government and the Queensland legal fraternity has deepened into crisis. Outgoing Queensland Chief Justice, Paul de Jersey has called for unity amongst the legal fraternity over the appointment of Tim Carmody as his replacement. de Jersey will vacate the position to replace Governor of Queensland, Penelope Wensley. A de Jersey statement read; “The appointment of the next Chief Justice was then made by the Governor-in-Council. “With that position established, it became incumbent on all of us who are involved in the legal process to support its current expression. “The stability of the legal system is integral to our democratic system and must be maintained.” As […]

Three foolish kings, the #qldpol weekly: @Qldaah

ReachTEL poll. Unemployment at 6.3 per cent. Palmer versus Seeney. Three foolish kings – Tim Carmody’s meteoric rise to chief justice. Qld Treasurer Tim Nicholls gets it wrong – where the solar households actually are. Open the schools – The comeback kids victory against the Newman Government. Newman’s DG Jon Grayson advised on CSG whilst having 25% stake in industry. Three crooked kings – Matthew Condon touches on Newman Government. Upsizing Maccas: Brisbane to be home to worlds largest Ronald McDonald House. Coming to a suburb near you for Queensland election 2015, the young LNP. Stafford by-election update – Jared John Andersen running as “Bob”. . ReachTEL poll A ReachTEL […]

Unemployment at 6.3 per cent, the Qld labour force monthly update: @Qldaah #qldpol

Tracking Queensland’s long term unemployment rate. Queensland’s unemployment has risen from 5.5 per cent when the Newman Government came to power to a high of 6.3pc. In 2012, Queensland recorded “the steepest rise in unemployment in the state since Australian Bureau of Statistics records began in 1978”. At latest report, 15,414 Queensland public servants have lost their jobs under the Newman Government at a rate of nine per day. Queensland’s highest youth unemployment region is Cairns with an unmatched 20pc. The Brotherhood of St Laurence recently conducted a nationwide study into youth unemployment and flagged it as being at crisis point. Below is the long term data reflected in graphical […]

Mystery over ‘Blue-tie Man’ deepens, France baffled: @Qldaah #auspol

Satire. French authorities have detained a man found speaking gibberish to school children and are anxious to return him to his country of origin. Wearing a neat suit with a pale blue tie, the man appeared at a school fete and began speaking in broken French to children, teachers and parents. Officials also believe the man was involved in a series of ‘photo bombs’ over recent days. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the first to notice the so called ‘Blue-tie Man’ next to her during a world leaders photo shoot at Chateau de Benouville in Benouville, France. As the photo was taken, she is captured turning to her right and […]

The vanilla Qld budget 2014, the #qldpol weekly: @Qldaah

The vanilla Qld budget 2014. Treasurer Tim saves pensioner’s from concession cuts. Solar powered champagne sippers and latte drinkers. Death threat allegations against David Gibson. Stafford Votes – Is it Bob or Jared? Greatest hate sprung from greatest love – Palmer referred to CMC. Bleijie backdown: Union ballots for campaign spending repealed. Election prediction: March 2015. . The vanilla Qld budget 2014 Brisbane Times state political reporter, Amy Remeikis, described the Queensland budget for 2014 as “vanilla”. Not much in it really for Queenslanders, more about what the government intends to do post-election 2015 in a plan to sell off the state’s assets. The Newman Government will spend $5.2 million […]

They call me Bob – Follow the mystery trail on the LNP candidate for #StaffordVotes: @Qldaah #qldpol

Bob Andersen has been selected as the Liberal National Party (LNP) candidate in the by-election for the Queensland electorate of Stafford. However, as it turns out, “Bob” is really “Jared”. As Premier Campbell Newman announced the LNP candidate, psychologist Bob Andersen for the Stafford by-election, Twitter commentators in #qldpol began to ask questions. Familiar to all as a fierce LNP supporter, why had he deleted his Twitter account, @Bob_Andersen? Why did he create a new @Bob4Stafford account, only to suddenly delete it late this afternoon? Tweeps dug deeper still. Linked in detailed the experience and training of the registered psychologist known as Bob Andersen, working at Metro South Hospital in […]

Those solar powered, champagne sipping, latte drinkers: @Qldaah #qldpol

Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls has labeled people who took advantage of the Bligh Government’s solar rebate scheme as “champagne sippers” and being part of the “latte set”. In another “blame Labor” session of question time in the Queensland parliament, Nicholls turned on solar households labeling the scheme “middle class welfare”. In response to an interjection by Premier Campbell Newman, Nicholls blamed Labor for the cost of the feed-in tariff component. “So those people who were doing it toughest and who did not have the money to be able to put solar panels on were paying for the middle class welfare that Labor was putting out there for the champagne sippers […]

New moonlight state rising, the #qldpol weekly: @Qldaah

Power prices rise again. Food queues grow longer. Galaxy poll 55 per cent to LNP. #StaffordVotes – Another byelection underway. New Moonlight state rising. . Power prices rise again No one seems able to curb power price hikes in Queensland, least of all Premier Campbell Newman. At the 2012 election, he pledged to lower them and took office announcing a freeze for one a year.  However, the result was a price power bulge of 26 per cent when the freeze thawed as providers caught up for lost time. This week, the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) announced an increase of 13.6 pc, around an extra $200 per year. The rise also […]

@NoFibs election blog for #StaffordVotes, #qldpol

(Jump to comments section) Jump to latest blog entry. Stafford by-election called for July 19, 2014 The resignation from state parliament of LNP MP Dr Chris Davis has triggered a shock byelection for the seat of Stafford. Davis disagreed with his own government on changes to electoral rules, chiefly the raising of the donation declaration limits to political parties from $1000 to $12,400. Along with the implementation of public health doctors contracts and changes to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC), it was the third clash he’d had over issues with Premier Campbell Newman. The previous week he’d been sacked as Assistant Health Minister. Davis was the second MP to […]

Into the black, the #qldpol weekly: @Qldaah

Deutsche Bank pulls out of Abbot Pt coal terminal. Eight cent solar feed in tariff cut. Into the black – electoral changes. Cash for contracts. More Fitzgerald elders speak out. The fight for Qld, (offer expires 2015 election day). Future Qld job prospects, work at Coles. Curfew on the vision impaired. Bogans who live in Logan. Tweet of the week – smelling the roses. . Deutsche Bank pulls out of Abbot Pt coal terminal Abbot Point coal terminal expansion headlines ran hot this week as Deutsche Bank announced it would not accept financing applications for the project. The terminal is set for expansion with dredge spoil to be dumped at […]