The Liberals have a #MissingClimatePolicy, but don’t want you to know reports @takvera #Ausvotes

The High Court has found there is an implied right of political speech in the Australian Constitution, but that doesn’t stop the Liberal Party putting pressure for an inconvenient election billboard to be taken down. Environment Victoria paid for a Billboard opposite and a bit down the road from the Liberal Party campaign headquarters in the marginal seat of Deakin in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The billboard was up for about 72 hours on the busiest intersection in Deakin. Environment Victoria say the local branch of the Liberal Party made a complaint to the owner of the site, who then had the billboard taken down. Our billboard was taken down after […]

A journey to independence via Young Libs, Greens and a close call with ALP

By Su Dharmapala July 31, 2013 My first article last week about Deakin – Labor’s second most marginal seat – was met with predictable howls of foul play from the twitterati. “She is an ALP stooge, can’t believe a word she says,” they screamed. Okay, so it was single howl and not particularly loud, but still I heard it and it is time I best set the record straight. I am not a member of the ALP. I have never been an ALP member. See, I took out my credit card out to pay the membership fee about three months ago, but when I checked my bank balance, I thought […]

Deakin, Labor’s second most marginal seat: @SuDharmapala reports

View Larger Map Deakin Seat Profile By Su Dharmapala 25 July 2013 The Melbourne seat of Deakin could hardly have been an enclave of progressive voters considering its namesake was one of the founding fathers of the first Liberal Party. And looking at the voting history of the electorate confirms this. It has been held primarily by the Liberals barring a single year between 1983 –84 and now by Mike Symon of the ALP since 2007. However from the 1980s Deakin was considered the most marginal Liberal-held seat – with the incumbent ALP member winning the seat in 2007 based on Greens preferences. So Deakin should be one of those bitterly […]