Will the discontent of 2013 give way to new hope in Dunkley?

by Angus Barnes September 6, 2013 The only candidates’ forum held in Dunkley revealed a shared sense of dismay in the community on the eastern shore of Port Phillip Bay. I asked the six candidates attending the forum what would be foremost in voters’ minds on election day. The two independents said they were running because of personal disillusionment, while our sitting member Bruce Billson said he was disillusioned with the current government. Rise Up Australia Party candidate Yvonne Gentle suggested there would be more protest votes this year.  Sex Party candidate Eloise Palmi said a greater voice was needed for small parties’ views, and Family First’s Cameron Eastman said […]

Deep in Murdoch territory, a booth in Dunkley might have the final say on which is the party of snollygosters

  by Angus Barnes August 20, 2013 A recent radio show lamented the demise of neat-sounding words.  Snollygoster was the first discussed, and it was suggested one of the reasons for its disuse was because there are no politicians left who aren’t snollygosters (that is, someone guided by personal advantage rather than by consistent, respectable principles). The Murdoch press during this campaign paints a different picture.  Quite clearly, there is one party full of snollygosters and another with higher ethical standards.  Whether Murdoch’s media influence wins the day will remain a point of eternal conjecture, though his papers’ campaign  stance will serve as a good starting point for the powerful […]

Can Libs hold Dunkley? @Gus_Barnes reports

View Larger Map Dunkley Seat profile By Angus Barnes, 13 August, 2013 The electorate of Dunkley was formed in 1984, and named after Louisa Margaret Dunkley, a trade unionist and campaigner for equal pay for women.  These beginnings align with a common perception of Frankston as a blue-collar city. The left-leaning electorate changed in nature in 1996 when the blue-ribbon Mornington suburb in the south was transferred in to the electorate in exchange for the northern Labor stronghold of Chelsea. Since then Dunkley has been held by Bruce Bilson, the Liberal Party sitting member. The contest Dunkley is well in train, with a 1% margin an incentive to make this […]