Cathy McGowan’s female indie MP predecessor Doris Blackburn

[clear] By Dr Robin Tennant-Wood 18 September 2013 With the news that Sophie Mirabella has conceded defeat to Independent Cathy McGowan in the seat of Indi, the electoral book has closed on one of the most closely watched head-to-head contests in an otherwise lacklustre election. The election of a high profile woman as an Independent MP has come on the same day as the swearing-in of the new cabinet, notable only for its anachronistic dearth of female representation. While the electoral book might be closed on Indi, however, McGowan’s win has sent political historians scuttling for the record books to check for precedents. Indi has been continuously held by conservative parties […]

The reckoning of Indi: What took so long?

by Tom Anderson September 18, 2013 “The ballot being a means of protecting the franchise, must not be made an instrument to defeat it.” “Where the intention is clear, doubtful questions of form should be resolved in favour of the franchise.” “The language of the Act read as a whole and in favour of the franchise as all such Acts should read.” “The mark he made is a clumsy dot or a clumsy figure 1. It is very inartistic but remembering that voters may be young or old, ill or well, scholarly or not, I resolve the doubtful question of form in favour of the franchise, there being no doubt […]

Reflections on a unique campaign: Greens candidate @JennyJenocon on #Indivotes

By Jenny O’Connor, 16 September, 2013 The campaign is over and we are waiting for the result in what has turned out to be the most interesting election in the nation. At the time of writing Cathy leads by 544 votes with 2000 to count. My result as the Greens candidate has been decimated – from almost 10% in 2010 to just over three percent. Greens and Labor voters came out in force to support Cathy Mcgowan win the battle to unseat Sophie Mirabella. Despite the low vote I did get to play a pivotal role in the campaign so the Greens message has been heard loud and clear in […]

Where Sophie went wrong, by #Indivotes candidate @jenpodesta

By Jennifer Podesta, 13 September, 2013 As the dust begins to settle across the nation after the 2013 election, the significance of what has been achieved in the electorate of Indi will continue to be a talking point for some time to come. It will no doubt be analysed from multiple positions: by engaged and disgruntled voters in other electorates who may seek to use the Indi model as a playbook for their own democratic awakening; by party political campaigners keen to adopt some of the secrets to build their own flagging supporter base; and maybe, hopefully, by Members of Parliament who recognise that a sitting member holding a ‘safe’ […]

No Fibs tribute to Indi democracy by @geeksrulz

No Fibs Indi campaign archive  

The sociology of how Cathy won Indi, by @ktbar0

[clear] By Kate Sleeman 12 September, 2013 Life in regional cities and towns is often perceived by our city cousins to be a step back in time; dull, slow, backward and socially conservative. However the election result in Indi has hopefully changed their perceptions and highlighted the power of real communities. They are beginning to wonder why the Cathy McGowan campaign has been so successful. Even current and past campaigners are at a loss. This quote from the book The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg may help explain the Cathy McGowan phenomena: “A movement starts because of the social habits of friendship and the strong ties between close acquaintances. […]

September 2012 Voice for Indi Vision statement: Reckon they got there?

[clear]   By Margo Kingston , 11 September, 2013 On election night at the Wangaratta Arts Centre, a movement leader, Susan Benedyka  read out a the Voice4Indi movements vision statement of 6 September 2012. No wonder Orange Indi took the roof off a year later.   No Fibs Indi campaign archive    

The #Indivotes campaign in pictures, by @Jansant

The Indi Seat election seen through the lens of our local No Fibs Citizen Journalist and Photographer Wayne Jansson 9 September 2013 Roll over photos to read captions and click on photos to see bigger versions. Election Win Celebration Roll over photos to read captions and click on photos to see bigger versions. No Fibs #Indivotes archive.

Margo’s Twitter reports from Indi – 7 and 8 September, 2013

Storify by The Geek Sun, Sep 08 2013 23:30:53 Margo’s twitter reports from Indi – 7 and 8 September, 2013 One of the most interesting seats in this election is without question Indi with sitting shadow frontbencher Sophie Mirabella. Margo joined the election buzz and reports on how grassroots politics is making a difference. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Linkedin Share by email margo [email protected] Desperate Mirabella commandeers all available poster space at booths with security guards – No Fibs… via @NoFibs Fri, Sep 06 2013 17:10:32 ReplyRetweetFavorite Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on Linkedin Share by email […]

Cathy McGowan on her #Indivotes journey

[clear] Sal Kimber performs a Indi version of “From Little Things Big Things Grow” at the end of the campaign launch on August 4. Original version of “From Little Things Big Things Grow” was written by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody.     The Indi Orange Movement seen through the lens of local Citizen Journalist and Photographer Wayne Jansson Roll over photos to read captions and click on photos to see bigger versions. More stories: How Indi got itself on the map: The blueprint No Fibs #Indivotes archive.