Bob Katter’s bigger ambitions draw criticism in his electorate of Kennedy in Queensland

By Emma Kennedy August 18, 2013 Bob Katter hasn’t been home much in the past few weeks as he campaigns around the country in support  of his more than 60 candidates and doing preference deals with the major parties. His absence is drawing criticism from Kennedy locals but he has kept himself consistently in the media spotlight. Since he created Katter’s Australian Party (KAP),  Mr Katter’s goal is to become the “third force” in the country’s politics and provide another legitimate option for the people of Australia. The past week has seen many chops and changes, with KAP making preference deals with Clive Palmer, the ALP and the LNP in […]

Kennedy is Katter country: @Em_Ken_ reports

View Larger Map Kennedy Seat Profile By Emma Kennedy  1 August 2013 Having held 46.7 per cent of votes at the 2010 election, the Kennedy electorate is Katter’s land. And it has been thought of as a safe seat for 20 years now. The Kennedy electorate covers such a huge area of Queensland – from Boulia in the South West to the Gulf of Carpentaria in the North and out to Innisfail on the East Coast – that it’s a surprise one man has been able to hold the reins for such a long time. The man in the hat is not shy of the camera and is possibly the most […]