Macarthur candidates forum an eye opener: @LisaKremmer reports

By Lisa Kremmer @LisaKremmer 26 August 2013 On Wednesday 21st August I attended a candidates forum organised by a local Murdoch newspaper.  Most candidates for the Macarthur and Werriwa electorates were present.  It was an eye opener, that’s for sure. I came away with great dismay over what I had witnessed.  It wasn’t just the answers to questions of policy that was disturbing, but the manner in which they were delivered.  Unfortunately, there were no magic moments where I felt ah ha, that’s the clincher of a response from a candidate I’ll be voting for!  What the forum did demonstrate to me however is that there is one candidate who will […]

ALP hands off in Macarthur: @LisaKremmer reports

By Lisa Kremmer @LisaKremmer 22 August 2013 Having the opportunity to write about the election from the comfort of my backyard has been an interesting experience for a number of reasons.  For one, it’s given me some insight into the people who live here, they are after all the voters who will help decide the outcome.  So often in the hubbub of daily life, I don’t take the time to look around me and take stock. This is a region of contrasts in Sydney’s west.  On one side of the electoral hill, in Macarthur, is Blairmount, a middle-class suburb surrounded by scenic landscape.  Most of the houses are privately owned.  The […]

Western Sydney Liberal Macarthur: @LisaKremmer reports

View Larger Map Macarthur Seat Profile By Lisa Kremmer 16 August 2013 I am a wife, mother, chief cook and bottle washer, gardener, avid reader and Registered Nurse who has lived in south western Sydney most of my life. I was indoctrinated into the Australian Labor Party, joining at around 16 – as one used to do in a family with worker roots. My membership lapsed many years ago now, and I now prefers to observe politics independently. I  currently work with the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association, but my views are are completely my own. The federal seat of Macarthur lies in the outer south western Sydney suburbs, covering most […]