Bennelong: Preliminary skirmishing

By Jack Sumner July 8 2013 Murat owns Café Centro, which sits in the middle of Eastwood Plaza at the heart of the Bennelong electorate. As he made my long black this morning, I asked whether he’d seen much political activity in and around his shop. His reply – “no nothing yet”- indicated to me that the 2013 battle for Bennelong has not yet been seriously joined. There has, however, been some preliminary skirmishing. Confirmation that the sitting member is listening was dropped in our letterbox earlier in the week with pictures of John Alexander being told: Our power bills have gone through the roof. With all these new taxes, […]

@preciouspress: Will there be a battle for Bennelong?

View Larger Map This @NoFibs Electoral Map is kindly provided by Paul Davis Seat profile By Jack Sumner 1 July 2013 I never knew the grandfather who died down a Barnsley mine but I do remember fondly the Grandpa who had spun cotton, breathed its dust and died of byssinosis age 61. My Dad was a grocer and then a rent collector. My Mum worked in factories, shops and warehouses from leaving school to retirement age. None of them were at school beyond the age of fourteen. I went to grammar school and then on to university. I was no more intelligent than those who raised me but a beneficiary of […]

Costello country: Higgins by @gemoo4

View Larger Map This @NoFibs Electoral Map is kindly provided by Paul Davis Higgins Seat Profile by Georgie Moore 24th June 2013 One of the Liberal Party’s safest Victorian seats, Higgins (formed in 1948—49) has hosted a string of high-profile representatives: including Harold Holt (1949—1967), John Gorton (1968—1975) and Peter Costello (1990—2009). With incumbent MP Kelly O’Dwyer set to retain a 5.4% margin (post the 2010 election and pre-redistribution the margin was 6.8%). Higgins is largely neglected by the media and political cycle. But I’m interested in exploring what a blue-ribbon seat looks like during an election campaign. Is the seat so safe there isn’t any substantial debate? Are the local Leader […]

Bellwether Eden-Monaro: @MargaretOConno5 reports

View Larger Map This @NoFibs Electoral Map is kindly provided by Paul Davis Seat Profile by Margaret O’Connor 21 June 2013 For someone who these days would be sneered at by certain columnists as being a café-latte and chardonnay drinking member of the chattering classes, my background sure doesn’t fit the template. I grew up on a dairy farm in the South West of Victoria, near the Great Ocean Road and went to school at my local country high school in the 1980s. 15 years ago I relocated to Canberra. The country in me still lurks perilously close to the surface. But it’s hard not to feel a deep fondness for […]

RuddWatch: @JanBowQLD sets the scene in Griffith

View Larger Map This @NoFibs Electoral Map is kindly provided by Paul Davis Seat profile by Jan Bowman 19 June 2013 From the well-to-do apartment blocks of Kangaroo Point and the entertainment and culture hub of South Brisbane to the tin and timber Queenslanders of East Brisbane, Coorparoo and Greenslopes, Griffith is a diverse inner city electorate with a sitting member who may have the highest profile of any election candidate. When I settled in the West End two years ago I fell in love with the vibrant culture – its street art, the wonderful Avid Reader bookshop and its great coffee and cafes. For an inner city suburb it […]

Hills alive with sounds of Libs planning government: @AlisonParkes Mitchell report

View Larger Map This @NoFibs Electoral Map is kindly provided by Paul Davis Mitchell Seat profile  by Alison Parkes Mitchell hills alive with sounds of Liberal music: seat report by @AlisonParkes Mitchell is in Sydney’s outer metropolitan North West. Once rural and semi rural, it is experiencing the rapid development of subdivisions, dormitory suburbs and business parks as it undergoes a population boom which has probably rendered every known statistic about demographics obsolete. Mitchell was proclaimed in 1949, and contains some of the newest suburbs in the country within its boundaries. It also contains some of oldest towns in the country, and was home to The Battle of Vinegar Hill […]

Reporting democracy in the seat where I live: @willsmore298 in Sturt

View Larger Map This @NoFibs Electoral Map is kindly provided by Paul Davis Sturt seat profile  by Shane Willsmore June 15, 2013 Paul Kelly grew up in the seat of Sturt. His song Adelaide – Kensington Road runs straight for a while before turning. We lived on a bend, it was here we were raised and fed – paints a melancholy picture of wide quiet streets and hedges all in a row. Eight years after Paul Kelly recorded Adelaide, in 1993, Christopher Pyne was elected as a 25 year old Member for Sturt. I’m Shane Willsmore, citizen journalist and teacher at a large government school just south of the River Torrens. […]

Chasing involved democracy in Indi: @Indigocathy v @SMirabellaMP

  Margo: Cambell Klose has volunteered to do media for Cathy Mcgowan, a community candidate challenging Sophie Mirabella in the safe Liberal seat of Indi at the federal election. His piece is the 4th in our series on new political activists. Those of you who read Not Happy, John! know that grassroots democracy is very close to my heart, and if a resident of Indi would like to report Indi democracy in action from now till election day I’d be delighted to hear from you.   By Cambell Klose 10 June, 2013 For as long as I can remember my electorate of Indi has been a safe Liberal seat. Before […]