DLP face in Hindmarsh: @JackieDettman reports

Interview with David McCabe, Democratic Labour Party candidate for Hindmarsh


By Jacqueline Dettman

22 August 2013 

On a recent Sunday I met with David McCabe, Democratic Labour Party candidate for Hindmarsh at a cafe in Glenelg. After light discussion where we got to know each other a little while waiting for our coffees, we began the interview.

Would you like to introduce yourself to readers?

I’m David McCabe, married to Christine and we have four grown up children. My eldest daughter is a psychologist living in Melbourne, my two boys are plumbers and my youngest daughter is an office worker. I’ve lived in Hindmarsh all of my life; born and raised in Plympton, I married and raised a family in Somerton Park. I worked for twenty five years for Telstra and now work for the Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide. I’ve been active in the community coaching gymnastics at Glenelg YMCA for ten years, giving it away to focus on raising my family. Christine and I also helped in organising street parties in our street. We organised street closure from the council for the parties. The parties were a great way of neighbours getting together and getting to know each other, so there was a really good community feeling.

How long have you been interested in politics?

I’ve always had an interest in politics, looking at political parties and what their policies are and how they govern.

How long have you been a member of the DLP?

About ten years.

Why the DLP?

A friend of a friend approached me about ten years ago and asked me if I’d be interested in running for the party in SA. In the last three elections, I’ve run for the DLP in the Senate, so this is the first time I’ve actually run for the seat of Hindmarsh. The DLP is a Party that was founded on strong principles.

I believe there are two spheres to politics in this country. One is social; as in how does our society and communities work together to achieve the best quality of life for every individual within that civilization of community so that it operates at every level. So that’s one fundamental sphere if you like.

The other one is the economic sphere and the broad principles of how to  distribute the wealth of the country to every individual who’s a member of the country to enable them to have the best quality of life?

Have you ever been a member of any other party?


What specific plans do you have for this seat?

Manufacturing and small business are the economic powerhouses of the country, and so my efforts would be to ensure that small business and manufacturing have the best opportunities and representation to grow and develop their business. Additionally, I’d ensure the public infrastructure is in place to do that.

In social aspects, my efforts would be to ensure adequate funding for hospitals and aged-care facilities within the electorate. Hindmarsh has one of the larger concentrations of aged people so we need to ensure that there are adequate facilities to meet their needs.

Why are you the best person to represent Hindmarsh?

I am a task oriented person so my strength is to take on problems and issues and to be able to resolve them in a definitive way. I’m a person of principle; if I say I’ll do something, then I’ll do that.

Similarly, I believe in personal accountability so, is if a person has particular local issues to discuss, I will take the time to see them and not send other people to deal with them. So I’m about ultimate accountability.

What is your campaign strategy? What have you done so far?

The DLP being a very small party in SA certainly doesn’t have the economic and human resources to make any real physical presence in the electorate so we rely on word-of-mouth. I have got election posters that I could put up, but I find there is enough visual pollution out there already.

Have you as a candidate been featured in any mainstream media as yet?

No. We’ve had the opportunity in the past but discovered that those media outlets cancelled on us for better opportunities. We do have some television advertising that will screen on SBS in South Australia.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am offering to the electorate a real alternative the mainstream parties to have their voice heard and I am prepared to push local issues in the federal arena.

A final question, do you have any political heroes?

In terms of national politics, Jack Kane and Bob Santamaria.

As with all candidates, David was given the opportunity to review the interview transcript before publication. In this case, David chose to make a few minor changes and add a couple of sentences.



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