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Errol Brandt

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Errol Brandt


Welcome to ‘Political Jeopardy!’, the latest in game shows, where politicians give the answers and leading experts must ask the right questions.

Our first contestant is Mr Tony Shepherd from the National Commission of Audit.

Mr Shepherd developed his career in the private sector. As Transfield Services chairman, he secured hundreds of government outsourcing contracts, including the detention centre in Nauru. He has also been involved with the spectacularly unsuccessful toll road operators Transurban, as director, and as chairman of the equally unsuccessful ConnectEast.

Mr Shepherd, the correct answer is ‘Corporations’.  What, therefore, is the question?

“Who is best placed to provide government services to all Australians?”

Congratulations! That’s correct.

Our next contestant is Mr Dick Warburton.  A climate-change sceptic, Mr Warburton was chairman of the Australian oil company Caltex, chairman and CEO of DuPont Australia as well as a number of other listed Australian companies. He has recently recommended scrapping the renewable energy target to help protect the profit margins of Australian energy generators.

Mr Warburton, the correct answer is ‘Renewable Energy Target’. What is the question?

“What is the biggest threat to Australia’s economic prosperity?”

Bravo! Another correct answer.

Our final contestant is the new chairman of the National Broadband Network, Mr Ziggy Switkowsi. Mr Switkowsi was CEO of Telstra and a director of Foxtel, jointly owned by Telstra and Rupert Murdoch News Corporation.

Mr Switkowsi, the correct answer is ‘Foxtel’. What is the question?

“What is the most important consideration when rolling out a National Broadband Network?”

Outstanding! That’s correct, and that that makes three out of three correct answers to questions of long-term national significance.

Congratulations to our contestants and, of course, to the Abbott government their excellent choice in experts to whom they can ask the right questions.

We’ll be back next week with three new contestants.

Rupert Murdoch will be looking at media ownership. Gina Rinehart will be examining family trust laws. And Roger Corbett will be examining Australia’s supermarket sector.

Thanks for watching Political Jeopardy!  

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