Adani’s Abbot Point #coal contamination of Caley Valley #wetlands reports @takvera

Adani’s coal export terminal at Abbot Point was in the direct path of Category 4 Cyclone Debbie. There was reason to expect a large storm surge, but this did not occurr, but the destructive winds and torrential rain caused Adani to release a large amount of contaminated water into the adjacent wetlands and ocean. On […]

Innumerate or deceptive: @adropex dissects @TheIPA ‘report’ into ABC coal coverage #leardblockade

Innumerate Ignorance or Calculated Deception It is unfortunate that the IPA, and in particular James Paterson, did not take note of the ‘scholarship’ referred to in their recent report of the ABC’s coverage of ‘Australia’s energy choices’ and apply it to their own publication. It would undoubtedly have saved them the embarrassment of making public […]

Greg Hunt and the Galilee Basin: a country of their own @e2mq173 comments

By Errol [email protected] Current affairs 2nd January 2014 If there’s an economy in Australia that should be concerned about the impact of climate change, it’s agriculture and tourism-dependent Queensland, yet Australia’s Federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, recently approved the expansion of coal handling facilities at Abbot Point, on the state’s east coast. Traditional economists […]