Santos Chairman admits business plan assumes 4C #globalwarming reports @takvera

It was revealed at Santos AGM in Adelaide on 4 May 2017 by Chairman Peter Coates that the company business plan is based upon a 4 degrees temperature rise scenario from climate change. This is at odds with commitments outlined in a statement on climate risk disclosure in April to investors. Santos Chairman Peter Coates replies to a question on climate scenarios for Santos business plan at Santos AGM in Adelaide (Listen to the audio at Market Forces): “The pathway that we adopt is the … 4 degree pathway. It’s the one that the world energy agency, the IEA, business as usual…it’s the comparison with the IEA business as usual […]

More questions than answers after Adelaide #MarchInMarch: @WorsleyTrevor reports

Story & Photos by Trevor Worsley  @WorsleyTrevor   23rd March 2014 I am not a political activist. I have never been to a protest or demonstration of any kind. I had long considered myself a swinging voter, trying at each election to make decisions based on issues and not slogans or political spin. Gradually, over the past few years, I have been becoming disengaged with the political process in this country. This is, in the main, because both sides of politics seem to be less and less interested in the things that matter to the grass roots of the community and much more interested in playing ideology wars with their opposing number. […]

Katter Party face in Hindmarsh: @JackieDettman interview

by Jacqueline Dettman  August 24, 2013 Interview with Kym McKay, Katter’s Australian Party candidate for Hindmarsh As with all candidates to date, I interviewed Kym McKay, Katter’s Australian Party candidate for Hindmarsh, over a coffee in beachside Glenelg. The interview was conducted on the morning of Wednesday, August 21 and lasted about an hour. Would you like to introduce yourself to readers? I was born in Glanville in a mid-wifery in 1957 which was the go in those days. From that I moved around the state with my parents; my father worked for the EW&S. I grew up for a while in Berri in the Riverland and then returned to Adelaide […]

The federation seat of Adelaide: @naichevalier reports

View Larger Map Adelaide Seat profile  By Anais Chevalier, 11 August, 2013 The seat of Adelaide is one of the original South Australian electorates. Created in 1903, its first MP was a former Premier of SA and one of the driving forces behind federation, Charles Kingston. While often seen as a Labor seat, it has been held by non-Labor candidates, notably Liberal Trish Worth from 1993 to 2004. The seat was named after the city, which in turn was named after Queen Adelaide, the wife of King William IV who was on the throne when the site for the capital of the new colony was chosen in 1836. The seat […]

“Under the LNP there’ll be no restraint” on coal trade expansion, says Chris Pyne’s Green challenger in Sturt

By Shane Willsmore August 10, 2013 The Australian Greens are a party of increasing strength and influence in Australian politics. The left is no longer purely about the battle for the rights of the worker, but also about the environment, battling global warming and protecting pristine habitats and rare species. More recently, offering a more compassionate approach to asylum seekers has also become a key point of difference. The Greens dare to differentiate themselves strongly and face attacks from both major parties for it. As I pulled up in my 4WD to meet Anne Walker, Greens candidate for Liberal Christopher Pyne’s seat of Sturt, she was waiting in her sensible […]

Interview with Andrew Payne, Greens candidate for Hindmarsh

By Jacqueline Dettman 9 August 2013  I recently met with Andrew Payne, Greens candidate for Hindmarsh to find out more about him. The interview was conducted over coffee at a restaurant in Glenelg, and lasted about an hour. Would you like to introduce yourself to readers? I grew up in country SA and Alice Springs after moving to Australia from Wales at the age of eight. I moved to the city (Adelaide) in 1969 and went to Teachers’ College. That was a great time to go because the Vietnamese War was on and so people had to consider politics and so most people became political.  After that I taught for thirteen […]

Hindmarsh, South Australia: @JackieDettman reports

  View Larger Map Hindmarsh Seat Profile By Jacqueline Dettman 1 August 2013 The seat of Hindmarsh (not to be confused with the suburb by the same name) has been my home since I moved to Adelaide nine years ago. The area is located to the inner west of the CBD, and is comprised of both coastal and inland suburbs. Hindmarsh was named after Adelaide’s first governor Sir John Hindmarsh, who proclaimed the province of South Australia here in 1836.  Hindmarsh is an original seat, having had its inception in 1903 at the time of the first federal election. Historically a safe Labor seat, Labor lost its strong hold on Hindmarsh […]

Leaving Adelaide ‘as is’

By Kay and Victoria Rollison March 13, 2013 Margo: In twitter conversation on WA election night I asked Victoria Rollison to write a piece for me on the political vibe in South Australia. She replied: ‘Here is the post that my mum and I have written together. Mum and I have never written a post together before so it’s interesting that we not only survived this experiment, but found we quite enjoyed it. When you said you would like an SA perspective, we realised that we already had an idea for such a post, so I hope this fits the brief. It’s a bit different to what you’ve already got, but we’re […]