Labor’s Mark Dreyfus QC takes stand on #freespeech: Abbott and Brandis honour Voltaire only in the breach

[clear] The Coalition will never waver in its defence of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. — Tony Abbott (@TonyAbbottMHR) March 13, 2013 Oh the terrible irony for George Brandis QC in fronting the latest Abbott Government attacks on free speech through its terror legislation. Brandis was one of several moderates in the Howard Government who stood firm behind liberal principles to oppose its draconian anti-terror legislation in 2002. As editor of the Sydney Morning Herald’s Webdiary I documented the true Liberal dissenters fightback in great detail; indeed it was their dissent which enabled the Labor Party to risk adding its voice to the debate. And in my […]

Larrikin indie takes on big parties in bellwether Bass: @ijb59 reports

View Larger Map Seat Profile for Bass By Ian Bell 23 July 2013 The seat of Bass in North East Tasmania is home to some 140,000 people, the greater number of whom reside in Launceston, a picturesque city nestled in the Tamar Valley. The city is bisected by the Tamar River along which lies a residential growth corridor to the West as far as the suburb of Legana and along the East to the Municipality of Georgetown, home to an aluminium smelter, a port and a failed pulp mill project. Named after Dr George Bass (1771–1803), a naval surgeon, early settler and explorer, the electorate also takes in the towns of […]