Interview with Andrew Payne, Greens candidate for Hindmarsh

By Jacqueline Dettman 9 August 2013  I recently met with Andrew Payne, Greens candidate for Hindmarsh to find out more about him. The interview was conducted over coffee at a restaurant in Glenelg, and lasted about an hour. Would you like to introduce yourself to readers? I grew up in country SA and Alice Springs after moving to Australia from Wales at the age of eight. I moved to the city (Adelaide) in 1969 and went to Teachers’ College. That was a great time to go because the Vietnamese War was on and so people had to consider politics and so most people became political.  After that I taught for thirteen […]

Hindmarsh, South Australia: @JackieDettman reports

  View Larger Map Hindmarsh Seat Profile By Jacqueline Dettman 1 August 2013 The seat of Hindmarsh (not to be confused with the suburb by the same name) has been my home since I moved to Adelaide nine years ago. The area is located to the inner west of the CBD, and is comprised of both coastal and inland suburbs. Hindmarsh was named after Adelaide’s first governor Sir John Hindmarsh, who proclaimed the province of South Australia here in 1836.  Hindmarsh is an original seat, having had its inception in 1903 at the time of the first federal election. Historically a safe Labor seat, Labor lost its strong hold on Hindmarsh […]