Barnaby Joyce no show at Energy Futures Forum Armidale reports @takvera #NewEnglandVotes #ausvotes

Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals candidate for New England, Barnaby Joyce, attended a lunchtime candidates forum in Tamworth, but was a no show for the Energy Futures Forum at Armidale in the evening of Tuesday 21 June. The New England electorate is a tight contest with former Independent MP Tony Windsor standing for election. Nofibs has curated social media tweets reporting from the Energy Future Forum. [View the story “Joyce a no show at #NewEnglandvotes Energy Futures Forum in Armidale #ausvotes” on Storify] Photo courtesy @AustralisTerry /twitter

Jack McCaw’s NBN story

By Jack McCaw (@JacketMcCaw) March 3, 2013 Where am I?    I live and work in regional Australia. My background is ex-military, now IT based in Armidale, NSW. The city is famous for cathedrals, the University of New England and, now, for being ‘ground zero’ for the mainland NBN. I was involved as a Technical Lead during a new network rollout for the University of New England in 2009, and saw first hand the difference a ubiquitous, fibre-backed network was making to productivity. Obviously, when NBNco announced Armidale was going to be the first site, I was happy. How did it all start? I began to monitor the approach of the NBN to […]