Political Jeopardy! @e2mq173 comments #auspol

Welcome to ‘Political Jeopardy!’, the latest in game shows, where politicians give the answers and leading experts must ask the right questions. Our first contestant is Mr Tony Shepherd from the National Commission of Audit. Mr Shepherd developed his career in the private sector. As Transfield Services chairman, he secured hundreds of government outsourcing contracts, […]

Joe Hockey is not an asshole, he’s just ambitious: @e2mq173 comments #auspol

  Treasurer Joe Hockey was once one of Australia’s most popular politicians. With a net positive score of 22 per cent, he was politically left of the NSW Liberal Party and aligned more with true liberals, such as Malcolm Turnbull, than with true conservatives such as Tony Abbott or John Howard. Hockey’s public persona was that […]

What #Budget2014 means for Indigenous Australians: @NatalieCromb comments

IN Australia, if the government requires your land and/or home for infrastructure, under the land law it can proceed with a process of resumption whereby the ‘owner’ is compensated for the land. If you own a property in Australia and someone comes and starts living in your home, you are protected by the law to remove them and […]

Hockey’s lie – one month’s work to pay for welfare: @e2mq173 comments

Treasurer Joe Hockey made another impassioned speech last week to justify his government’s savage cuts to welfare and social services. His key message was that the “average working Australian, be they a cleaner, a plumber or a teacher” in this country must work more than one month a year to pay for someone on welfare.  […]

School chaplains – God knows why: @e2mq173 comments

  The school chaplaincy program is wasteful and indefensible government policy. Not only is the basis fundamentally flawed, it is one of the few areas of the budget that has consistently increased in cost with no discernible outcome. Prime Minister Howard announced a $90 million school chaplaincy scheme in 2006. Between 2007 and 2010 funding for […]

Diesel fuel rebate – killing us softly: @e2mq173 comments

  It was reported this week that the Nationals had been tricked – played like a fiddle by their coalition partners. The Liberals are said to have leaked plans to reduce the diesel fuel subsidy as a strategy to get the Nationals to support a resumption in the indexation of the petrol tax. When faced with […]

Corporate Australia – is that the best you can do? @e2mq173 comments

In an interview on ABC TV’s The World, BHP Billiton CEO Andrew Mackenzie defended the Abbott/Hockey budget, saying the change in the national conversation about economic contribution would prevent a decline in Australia’s standard of living. In other words, you’re either an economic contributor – or you’re not. Mr Mackenzie’s comments reflect an underlying worldview […]

Abbott’s Green Army a Trojan horse? @e2mq173 comments

There are many reasons for criticising PM Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey’s first budget – it is brutal, short-sighted and mean-spirited. One of the few budget themes commentators have not discussed widely is the impact on Australia’s environment. Landcare was established in the 1980s in regional Victoria and is regarded as a successful model […]

Melbourne #BustTheBudget rally in pictures, by @Jansant

The conservatives are back in charge, @DrCraigEmerson comments on brutal #budget2014

  If ever there were any doubts about the difference in values between conservative and progressive Australian governments they were laid to rest by the Abbott Government’s first Budget. It was the pernicious embodiment of conservative philosophy: treat the poor and vulnerable as malingerers while going easy on wealthy backers; and, in order to maintain […]