Sally Spain – The Greens

SALLY SPAIN – THE GREENS What is your vision for Forde? The Queensland Green Party vision for Forde and my vision, as Sally Spain, Greens candidate for Forde, is to deliver a more just, safe, sharing. prosperous and fair future. To do this we need to build on and preserve the strengths of the past and be prepared to respond to the challenges and opportunities up ahead.     What do you see as the most important issues for the people of Forde? Economy, environment, employment, education, amenity, affordability and assets. These are the most important issues for the people of Forde. Economy means ensuring that we are reliant on […]

Jan Pukallus, Citizens Electoral Council

JAN PUKALLUS – CITIZENS ELECTORAL COUNCIL What is your vision for Forde? People are as much the solution as the problem. The people of Forde or anywhere else in Australia must first identify with being human; what is the difference between mankind and an animal? Creativity! We can and must use it to make the discoveries and apply it to technology, change the world to make it better for future generations; because we can and no animal can. Real joy or happiness is doing just this! It means that leadership from the top down, a government of, by and for the people must have a vision and do in big […]

Peter Beattie – Australian Labor Party

PETER BEATTIE – AUSTRALIAN LABOR PARTY What is your vision for Forde? I want to put Forde on the map, and bring industry and growth to this area. There is a lot going for us here in Forde – straight up the M1 is the Brisbane airport, the Port of Brisbane, and in the other direction we’ve got the Gold Coast. It’s a good location and a great community, and I’ve got ideas about bringing new tourism and new industries to Forde to generate local jobs for local people. I also want to show the rest of Australia what’s good about Forde – we’ve got some beautiful parks and reserves, […]

Amanda Best – Family First

AMANDA BEST – FAMILY FIRST What is your vision for Forde? See the people of Forde have affordable living, cut red tape for small business & see that cultural diversity is integrated well and celebrated. What do you see as the most important issues for the people of Forde? Cost of living, road and rail infrastructure, cultural diversity and dealing with this to have positive integration. What’s most important to you personally? Strong families, connected community and developing national strategies for strength. Why are you the person to deliver? Strong leadership, good values and no nonsense follow through. What will change if you are elected? Incentives for small business and […]