Energy and economics: @albericie Vs @chriskkenny Twitter battle – @Qldaah #auspol

After Emma Alberici questioned Malcolm Turnbull’s commitment to liberalism, Chris Kenny lept to the defence of the PM. So we now have a Liberal PM who's whacking a tax on banks, interfering in energy mkt & now using taxpayer $ to prop up commercial media 🤔 — Emma Alberici (@albericie) September 13, 2017 The green left suddenly find an interest in economic rationalism. #theirABC all about the side, not the principle. No one in charge. — Chris Kenny (@chriskkenny) September 15, 2017 Have economics degree & was biz journo 20yrs while you carry legacy of Grech/Utegate fiasco. Lucky PM has serious chief of staff these days — Emma Alberici (@albericie) […]

Caleb Bond takes out this week’s #GoldKenny award – @Qldaah #auspol

‘Let’s attack North Korea’ mentality takes out the award for this week.

Lyle Shelton and Cella White take out this week’s #GoldKenny award – @Qldaah #auspol #qldpol

Marriage equality is the topic of this week’s Gold Kenny award.

The collected rage of Chris Kenny post-Abyan interview – @Qldaah #auspol

Analysis The Australian’s associate editor and former chief of staff to Malcolm Turnbull, Chris Kenny was the first and only journalist to be granted a visa to visit and report on the Australian asylum seeker detention centres located on the island nation of Nauru. Neither the paper or Kenny would confirm if the $8,000 application fee was paid. A storm of criticism hit Kenny when he filed a report on alleged rape victim Abyan. As abortion is illegal on Nauru, the pregnant mother had been flown to Australia for the procedure. It did not take place and Abyan was returned to Nauru. The Australian Government maintained that she told officials on Australian soil that she […]

@albericie debates @chriskkenny on media self regulation reform: And the winner is?

Wish the left would do something right for a change. Left gives up values in favour of politicking… — Chris Kenny (@chriskkenny) March 14, 2013 @chriskkenny It’s not a left/right issue but one of fairness why should TV & radio news be regulated but print news not? who’s politicking? — Emma Alberici (@albericie) March 14, 2013 @albericie Seriously? You too are supporting media regulation? I think Australia has fallen through the looking glass. — Chris Kenny (@chriskkenny) March 14, 2013 @chriskkenny Broadcasters already regulated through ACMA what is wrong with PIMA ensuring press does what its own self-reg says it will? — Emma Alberici (@albericie) March 14, 2013 @albericie […]

My conversation with a Murdoch press release

By Margo Kingston March 16, 2013 Has anyone seen a piece discussing the REAL effects of media reforms on Murdoch's Australian empire? The freedom of press thing is crap. — margo kingston (@margokingston1) March 15, 2013 [email protected], what would the effect of Conroy's media proposals be on Murdoch's capacity to expand his Australian media empire? — margo kingston (@margokingston1) March 15, 2013 . @margokingston1 haven't even talked about that – I am interested in freedom of speech, you, clearly are not. Weird. — Chris Kenny (@chriskkenny) March 15, 2013 [email protected] So you think increased media concentration has no impact on freedom of speech. Weird… — margo kingston (@margokingston1) March 15, 2013 […]