Fact-checking @coles and @woolworths for #SPCsunday, by @adropex

By Lesley [email protected] 9th February 2014 (Updated 11 February 2014) BACKGROUND  In a tweet to me @Coles said, “around 90% of our Coles Brand Food and drink is Australian made”. I asked them to “confirm for me that about 90% of Coles own brands are 100% Aus product.” In response they politely referred me to their […]

Then they came for the farmers… #SPC #leardblockade

[clear] By Alison Parkes  6th February 2014 Two recent issues have been in the news lately concerning rural and regional communities – the impending closure of SPC and the Leardblockade. People in capital cities, on social media and old media talk about thinks like SPC or live export or another mine as if they are […]

Local food manufacturing? Take it to the retail giants @e2mq173 reports

  By Errol Brandt Want local manufacturing? Fix the retailers. If car manufacturing in Australia was sick before the election, then it’s now in intensive care. Treasurer Joe Hockey has previously indicated that a Liberal government should “draw a line in the sand” on support for the car manufacturers.  This probably means the end of […]