#Griffithvotes citizen journo @Griffithelects live twitter reports of Libs ‘group call’ and campaign launch

[clear] By Jan Bowman @GriffithElects Mass Teleconference in Griffith On Wednesday February 29 the LNP ran a mass virtual ‘town hall’ teleconference with voters in Griffith. Apparently Labor used this technology recently in Griffith to link party members with Opposition leader Bill Shorten and is planning something similar in the last week of the campaign. I arrived home from work on Tuesday to see my voice mail flashing. I rarely use my landline and had expected one of the usual wrong number messages. Instead there was a recorded message from Dr Glasson inviting me to join, on the following evening, a virtual town hall meeting with himself and Foreign Minister […]

WANTED: Mal Brough for Questioning

A long, day for Mal Brough, from ‘up yours’ fluff to, well…. The Courier Mail had a soft  story on Mal Brough where they forgot to do journalism and ask the hard questions. Margo Kingston‘s incredulous reaction to the Courier Mail fluff piece came via Twitter” Brough delighted to take @couriermail call, No hard #Ashby ? & breathtaking 'I got away with i' campaign pic. story. http://t.co/Dpi62Zpl — margo kingston (@margokingston1) February 6, 2013 [email protected], so sad to realise the paper where I began my journalism has joined Abbott's protection racket for Mal [email protected] #Ashby — margo kingston (@margokingston1) February 7, 2013 [email protected], that's why I'm so sad @couriermail has joined […]