Welcome to Tangney country: @GuinevereHall reports from WA

View Larger Map Seat Profile By Guinevere Hall 19 July 2013 The federal seat of Tangney was named after Dame Dorothy Tangney, the first woman elected to the Australian Senate. She was a Labor member of parliament committed to an agenda of social reform, which included extending federal powers over social services and instituting Commonwealth assistance in education. Tangney is currently a safe liberal seat held by Dr Dennis Jensen with a 12.3% margin. My name is Guinevere Hall and I’m an economic refugee from New Zealand who arrived in Australia as an 11 year old. My husband, three daughters and I recently moved into the electorate of Tangney, primarily for […]

More on the Reith Telecard affair

By Margo Kingston Source: Webdiary SMH Date: October 30, 2000 On Friday, October 20, the pollies perks minister Senator Chris Ellison awoke to the Herald’s publication of an explosive document which raised yet more questions about his administration during the Reith Telecard blowout. We obtained the document on Thursday, and on the same day, I wrote to him as follows: Senator Chris Ellison, Special Minister of State, Canberra Dear Sir, RE: PETER REITH’S TELECARD. I request answers to the following questions by close of business today. (1) When did you first become aware that present or former staff of Mr Reith had been using Mr Reith’s Telecard? (2) What action […]