Your current federal Press Gallery list

  Another member if the Press Gallery reckons a secret list is not on, so here is, drumroll, the latest version. We recently published the September 2012 list.  Anyone like to explore what the changes in 6 months say about how the PG is changing? Also refer to No Fibs stories on Your guide to the Press Gallery and its gatekeeper and The Press Gallery contemplates reform: Join the conversation     THE FEDERAL PARLIAMENTARY PRESS GALLERY: March 2013 [one-half-first] GALLERY COMMITTEE: PRESIDENT David Speers VICE PRESIDENT Andrew Meares SECRETARY James Massola [/one-half-first]   [one-half-first] AAP Morrissey, Kaaren (Bureau Chief) Blenkin, Max Brinsden, Colin Cape, Patrick Cardwell, Sam Catanzariti, Katelyn Coch, Lukas Cranston, Belinda Curtis, Katina […]