Turnbull bats away leadership question and talks up coalition team at Wentworth candidates forum

    By David Davis  August 15, 2013 With three minutes to go, all candidates except one were seated on the stage in the Paddington RSL in Sydney’s east. With one minute remaining, Malcolm Turnbull arrived and took his seat. A kind of hush fell over the room. The line-up at the Wentworth Federal Election Forum on Monday hosted by the local newspaper, the Wentworth Courier, was Malcolm Turnbull (Liberal), Di Smith (Labor), Matthew Robertson (Greens) Marsha Foxman (Palmer United Party) and Beresford Thomas (Christian Democratic Party) The candidates each made brief opening statements, then fielded questions emailed to the newspaper and took questions from the audience. The first o speak, […]

Labor’s campaign without an office in action at Kings Cross markets

By David Davis August 11 At 22 degrees and sunny, it was a beautiful day at the Kings Cross Organic Market in Sydney, more like spring than winter. The Saturday market is a weekly institution and a favourite meeting place for residents of Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay and Kings Cross. Locals such as Paul Keating and the “voice of rugby” Gordon Bray, have been seen pottering around the marketplace, along with tourists and neighbourhood characters in all their glorious diversity. The market serves up fabulous food including French crepes, Bavarian bratwurst, French cheeses and organic coffee – a coffee without a lid is intriguingly termed a “bare back”.  Fresh eggs, organic fruit […]

Di Smith’s Labor pitch in Wentworth

By Di Smith 30 July, 2013 People often ask me why I have put myself in what they perceive to be an impossible situation: pitting myself against someone who is respected, well liked and, according to some commentators, quite possibly the most popular politician in the country. There are also those that say nothing is at stake this election. That the choice between Labor and Liberal no choice at all. To those people I say, look closer. My name is Di Smith. I am an actor, an activist, a teacher and a campaigner. Most people who still recognise me from my acting career remember the years on A Country Practice, […]