Energy and economics: @albericie Vs @chriskkenny Twitter battle – @Qldaah #auspol

After Emma Alberici questioned Malcolm Turnbull’s commitment to liberalism, Chris Kenny lept to the defence of the PM. So we now have a Liberal PM who's whacking a tax on banks, interfering in energy mkt & now using taxpayer $ to prop up commercial media 🤔 — Emma Alberici (@albericie) September 13, 2017 The green left suddenly find an interest in economic rationalism. #theirABC all about the side, not the principle. No one in charge. — Chris Kenny (@chriskkenny) September 15, 2017 Have economics degree & was biz journo 20yrs while you carry legacy of Grech/Utegate fiasco. Lucky PM has serious chief of staff these days — Emma Alberici (@albericie) […]

SA gas generators game energy market for $40–60m windfall profit says @takvera #renewables

Renewables generation in South Australia has been under heat in some sections of the media (See Judith Sloan Energy price reveals folly of renewables in The Australian) for a spike in wholesale energy prices in June 2016, but a new detailed academic analysis reveals the spike in wholesale prices was due to high gas prices caused by exporters needing to fill export contracts and gas generators gaming the market. More moderate and knowledgeable commentators like Associate Professor Hugh Saddler at The Conversation highlighted South Australia’s electricity price woes are more due to gas than wind. I followed the discussion at a seminar in Melbourne today by Energy researcher Dylan McConnell […]

Battle of #coal vs #renewables in northern Queensland writes @takvera

In the 2015 Australian budget $5 billion was put aside for a northern development fund. Prime Minister Tony Abbott called on Business leaders in Queensland’s north to develop a plan for a power station that could be considered for funding under this new fund. The Federal Government would like to see something like a proposal for a 800MW coal fired power station developed in the Galilee basin to provide a ready market and add impetus to the development of one of the proposed coal mines. Detractors of the fund have labelled it a “Dirty Energy Finance Corporation”. “I’d be very surprised if we did not have, coming forward as a […]

Victorian Energy Minister challenges @TonyAbbottMHR on #RET – @takvera

On Thursday Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio told the Federal Government that Victoria wants to establish it’s own Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) and to get out of the way and clear the federal legislative path to do so. In 2009 the States and Territories negotiated the closure of their own state based RET schemes on the condition of the adoption of the present federal scheme of 41,000GWh of renewable energy. The Federal Government negotiating a much lower target of 33,000GWh of power is an abrogation of the deal done by the States and Territories with the Rudd Federal Government in 2009. Victoria can’t just proceed with a new VRET […]

Tesla Battery launch a revolutionary #energy solution for #climate says @takvera

In a remarkable 20 minute presentation on Thursday night, Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Paypal and Tesla Motors, launched a scalable battery storage system aimed at multiple markets: from personal home use, small business to utility scale electricity storage. It is the missing jigsaw piece to the solar and renewables revolution already under way in replacing fossil fuel power generation. Elon Musk outlined the critical problem of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions from an ageing fossil fuel infrastructure, explained how it can be addressed, and launched an innovative product that could plausibly make a substantial contribution as a solution. One of the traditional arguments against a high level […]

#EnergyEfficiency Opportunities program repealed: @takvera comments

ON Thursday last week, Labor Party Senators lined up with the government, Palmer United Party and crossbench independent senators to repeal the large-scale Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program set up with bipartisan support in 2006 under the Howard Government. In a division in the Senate of 55 votes to 10, only the Greens senators opposed the dumping of this program, which had made substantial business energy savings of over $800 million and an 8.21-megatonne reduction in carbon emissions. The EEO program was recognised by the International Energy Agency as a world-class program helping businesses to save energy and a key element of the energy efficiency policy framework to address climate change. The scheme has […]