Population, family and more new faces join the #GriffithVotes party @GriffithElects reports

By Jan Bowman  @GriffithElects 1st February 2014 In something of a surprise for the upcoming Griffith by-election, Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) is standing a candidate new to Griffith, but not new to the KAP. Ray Sawyer stood for the KAP in the division of Fairfax in 2013, a seat that was won by Clive Palmer, with Sawyer managing just 1.92 per cent of the vote. While he does not live in the region, Mr Sawyer described himself as someone who has “strong connections with the Griffith electorate.” His campaign literature revealed that he has operated a dance school for a number of years, which has given him “the opportunity to […]

Katter Party face in Hindmarsh: @JackieDettman interview

by Jacqueline Dettman  August 24, 2013 Interview with Kym McKay, Katter’s Australian Party candidate for Hindmarsh As with all candidates to date, I interviewed Kym McKay, Katter’s Australian Party candidate for Hindmarsh, over a coffee in beachside Glenelg. The interview was conducted on the morning of Wednesday, August 21 and lasted about an hour. Would you like to introduce yourself to readers? I was born in Glanville in a mid-wifery in 1957 which was the go in those days. From that I moved around the state with my parents; my father worked for the EW&S. I grew up for a while in Berri in the Riverland and then returned to Adelaide […]

Indi locals protest Mirabella’s claims on health centres – and her preferences stir bad bushfire memories

STOP PRESS: Katter Party candidate backs Sophie Mirabella in Indi By Wayne Jansson August 23, 2013 Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) candidate in Indi, Phil Rourke, caused a storm on Friday when The Border Mail reported he urged voters concerned with local issues to make Liberal incumbent Sophie Mirabella their first choice, even before him. I rang KAP Victorian spokesman Darren Cooper for comment. “If voters want to vote on federal issues, vote KAP. If they want to vote on state issues, vote for Mirabella,” he said. “The worst thing that can happen to Indi is to have an independent if there’s a coalition government,” he said. Robert Danieli, KAP’s Victorian senate candidate, […]

Bob Katter’s bigger ambitions draw criticism in his electorate of Kennedy in Queensland

By Emma Kennedy August 18, 2013 Bob Katter hasn’t been home much in the past few weeks as he campaigns around the country in support  of his more than 60 candidates and doing preference deals with the major parties. His absence is drawing criticism from Kennedy locals but he has kept himself consistently in the media spotlight. Since he created Katter’s Australian Party (KAP),  Mr Katter’s goal is to become the “third force” in the country’s politics and provide another legitimate option for the people of Australia. The past week has seen many chops and changes, with KAP making preference deals with Clive Palmer, the ALP and the LNP in […]