Finally! @YaThinkN’s inner #bigot has a chance to fly free with the repeal of 18C

By Noely Neate [email protected] Alrighty, I am all for free speech; hell, even ripe speech. You should hear me when a neighbour uses his chainsaw or dreaded leaf-blower on an early Sunday morning; my speech flows very freely. As an aside, the neighbour has red hair too, just saying. However, I was raised to be […]

The right to insult – Murdoch suggests Muslims to blame for #MH370: @e2mq173 comments

18th March 2014 By Errol Brandt From Left Field Rupert Murdoch was in fine form over the weekend, making wild allegations about those responsible for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. Rupert made it clear that he believed “Muslims” were to blame for the missing flight. Without evidence – unless he is privy to information denied […]