Shark attack: When #auspol meets marine apex predator the great white shark – @takvera

John Englart published this article on The Great White shark, climate change and ocean carbon cycles on his climate blog. The latest media ‘hysteria’ about shark attack arises from a tragic fatal bite incident when WA teenager Laeticia Brouwer was mauled by a shark at the popular surf break – Kelp Beds – near Esperance (south coast of Western Australia) just before 4pm on Easter Monday (2017). The paramedic who was first on the scene said the teenager suffered tremendous blood loss and couldn’t be saved despite quickly receiving first aid. While sharks are relatively common in coastal waters, attacks are exceptional given the overwhelming presence and numbers of people […]

Stop fondling the shark hook: @Sarah_Toa

[clear] by Sarah Drummond 5th January, 2014 Because I recently became an expert in great white shark management on the south coast of West Australia … Okay, let’s start again, shall we? Because I recently released a book about fishing on the south coast of West Australia and sporadically mentioned the Noahs that grind around the Sound looking for seals, people have been coming up to me in the street and asking what I reckon about the State Premier’s latest plan to bait great whites that get closer than one kilometre off the metropolitan coast, and contract commercial fishers to kill them. When these questions first started, I would look blankly […]