If you’re feeling the ‘vibe’ Vote Green: @senatormilne speech on #WAvotes


Senator Christine Milne, Leader of the Australian Greens National Press Club Address, 1 April 2014 I begin by acknowledging the Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples the traditional owners of the land on which we meet and acknowledge their elders past and present. And in doing so, I commit to the constitutional recognition of our Aboriginal and […]

Abbott, Australia’s first regressive Liberal PM: @e2mq173 comments


Tony Abbott’s decision to reintroduce anachronistic titles reveals an underlying truth about his government. Not content to be merely a conservative Liberal government, Abbott is leading the nation’s first regressive Liberal government. Former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has been openly critical of Mr Abbott, calling him “dangerous” and “unpredictable”. This is not surprising, considering […]

The Tele’s disappearing act on Abbott’s #KnightsAndDames: @btckr comments

Some of the Twitter conversation

By Barry Tucker @btckr Every now and then the mainstream news media (MSM) does something that demonstrates the gulf between itself, its audience and social media (SM). It is almost comical because the MSM is trying to move from its dying print model to the digital world of SM. Much of the MSM has made the […]

Soldiers’ lot a sorry Sir-vice, says ex-Digger Jim Duffield

Jim Duffield

James Brown, in his excellent book Anzac’s long shadow: the cost of our national obsession, makes the observation that “commemorating soldiers is not like connecting with them”, which is a point mostly appreciated by soldiers and service personnel. Nonetheless, it is more than moot, given that our national broadcaster has no defence and national security […]

Faces in the crowd: Melbourne #MarchInMarch


A cross-post with the Australian Independent Media Network. The Marches in March continue to glow with controversy. Never did so few gather so many, without engaging the usual suspects of the old media, the political parties, NGOs, the unions and the activist groups. There had to be a dark side to these events. The people can’t […]

New Politics, New Media: On-the-ground #MarchinMarch reporting by citizen journalist @jansant


By Wayne Jansson  @jansant 20th March 2014 It’s normal to start a story at the beginning. I’m going to start smack bang in the middle with this one, as it sums up one of the many factors which forced 100,000 plus people to MarchInMarch (MiM) around Australia. I say forced intentionally. People don’t take to the streets in […]

Women’s Minister Tony helps myth-bust views on feminism, by @sarah_capper


By Sarah Capper  @sarah_capper 14th February 2014 International Women’s Day, on 8 March every year, is that time of year when we are able to celebrate, pause and reflect. And sometimes gasp. In the political sphere, we had our Minister for Women, our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, declaring at an International Women’s Day event that having […]

Training it to Melbourne’s #MarchinMarch, by @jenoutwest


By Jenny Bates  @jenoutwest, 17 March, 2014 Our journey to March in March began Sunday morning on a standing room only train to Melbourne - amazing, considering not an AFL colour could be seen. It was obvious this march was going to be big, and it was.  As more people squeezed in at each stop, a […]

All your #MarchInMarch questions answered by @sacarlin48


By Anne Carlin  @sacarlin48 11th March 2014 The time is drawing nigh. March in March 2014 is happening this weekend in 29 locations across the nation, and then on Monday morning, the big one takes place in Canberra. You can check out the details of all the marches here. Many of you might be wondering what are these […]

Dear Gina @e2mq173 responds #DearGina


By Errol Brandt @e2mq173 From Left Field Dear Gina, You probably receive a lot of fan mail. but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your piece about the Age of Entitlement. Quite frankly, we don’t hear enough scornful derision from the plutocracy these days. Your article warmed my cold heart. Unfortunately I fear […]