Abbott Government back in International Criminal Court hot seat over #refugees: @jansant reports

The International Criminal Court (@IntlCrimCourt) in The Hague (ICC) is analysing additional information it has recieved, adding to information previously received, to determine if members of the Australian Government have a case to answer for alleged crimes against humanity. Confirmation was received by lawyer and migration agent Tracie Aylmer (@taylmer), in a letter (below) yesterday, January 30, 2015. The ICC said: The Office is analyzing the situation identified in your communication, with the assistance of other related communications and other available information. Aylmer’s original ICC submission was officially accepted for consideration by the ICC on May 19, 2014. It named senior members of the Australian Government: Australian Prime Minister Tony […]

Bishop v Indonesian Ambassador Kesoema. Who said what and who is lying?

What the Indonesian Ambassador said about Coalition’s turn-back-boats policy: Ambassador Nadjib Riphat Kesoema said Indonesia would welcome Tony Abbott or whoever leads Australia after the September election. But he said asylum seeker boats should be turned back to other countries, not to Indonesia. “Indonesia is a transit country and also the victim of this situation. I think it’s not possible for the coalition to say that it has to go back to Indonesia because Indonesia is not the origin country of these people,” he told reporters in Canberra on Friday. “No such collaboration will happen between Indonesia and Australia (to) bring back the people to Indonesia.” The opposition has long […]