News Corp’s fake wives club – @qldaah #qldpol #auspol #MediaWatch

News Corp’s claims of Muslim husbands with multiple wives claiming multiple Centrelink payments dismissed by Finance Minister Mathias Cormann.

How did I find myself facing imminent homelessness? It happened slowly, then all at once.

[clear]   Author name withheld How did I find myself facing imminent homelessness? It happened slowly, then all at once. I never thought it could happen to me. Several years ago, I was a corporate executive: office overlooking Circular Quay, long lunches, incentive trips. But the good times ended as the economy soured, and the company […]

Hockey’s lie – one month’s work to pay for welfare: @e2mq173 comments

Treasurer Joe Hockey made another impassioned speech last week to justify his government’s savage cuts to welfare and social services. His key message was that the “average working Australian, be they a cleaner, a plumber or a teacher” in this country must work more than one month a year to pay for someone on welfare.  […]

Selling the Budget, @YaThinkN is here to help #Auspol

Normally when the Federal Budget comes out we punters get rather amused at the excitement we see in the media. We giggle at seeing Kochie from Sunrise get his jollies about being in lock up, but unless there is some blatantly nasty stuff in the budget that will hit our hip pockets, we really don’t […]

Corporate Australia – is that the best you can do? @e2mq173 comments

In an interview on ABC TV’s The World, BHP Billiton CEO Andrew Mackenzie defended the Abbott/Hockey budget, saying the change in the national conversation about economic contribution would prevent a decline in Australia’s standard of living. In other words, you’re either an economic contributor – or you’re not. Mr Mackenzie’s comments reflect an underlying worldview […]

Seeking a Fair Go in a ‘World of Pain’ by @sarah_capper

It’s hard to fully comprehend, but just eight months after being elected, the Coalition-friendly News Limited broadsheet ‘The Australian’ ran with the headline, ‘Coalition in World of Pain’ emblazoned across its front page early this week. Sure, it was selectively quoting Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who had used the expression in justifying why the Government […]

Dear Commission of Audit: @e2mq173 comments

Dear Mr Shepherd and fellow commissioners, I am writing to thank for your bold and transformational vision for Australia. It’s amazing the wonders that can be achieved when smart people detach themselves from their social conscience. Not since the White Australia policy have we seen such a comprehensive plan for cleaning and purging the nation. […]