If you’re feeling the ‘vibe’ Vote Green: @senatormilne speech on #WAvotes

Senator Christine Milne, Leader of the Australian Greens National Press Club Address, 1 April 2014 I begin by acknowledging the Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples the traditional owners of the land on which we meet and acknowledge their elders past and present. And in doing so, I commit to the constitutional recognition of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and reject immediately any question over the need to retain aboriginal history as part of our curriculum. Can you believe it, we have a national effort to close the gap between aboriginal health, education, life expectancy and the wider community and, at the same time, a Government that is set to […]

First impressions of a Pirate Party: @GuinevereHall reports on #WAvotes

After the surprise showing of minor parties at the 2013 Senate election there has been plenty of interest in the Pirate Party’s policies and preferences during the 2014 West Australian Senate rerun. Last week I spoke to Fletcher Boyd, the lead candidate for the Pirate Party Australia, which did not contest the 2013 WA Senate election but did run candidates in other Senate races. We are one of the few parties who have never engaged in a meeting with Glenn Druery (the ‘Preference Whisperer’) “Last year we didn’t have a strong enough presence in WA to justify spending money to run, and we didn’t have a strong enough volunteer base,” Boyd said. […]

Marching for the Lucky Country: @Trixie_Boo reports on #MarchInMarch Perth

KnitWit PM. Humour and creativity #MarchInMarch #NoFibsMiM Perth pic.twitter.com/eJF7XYZb4K — Reezy Miller (@Trixie_Boo) March 16, 2014 By Reezy Miller  @Trixie_Boo 17th March 2014 Depending on which way you lean politically, the idea of living in one of Australia’s safest political seats – state and federal – may alarm or delight you. I’m fortunate enough to live in the beautiful coastal Perth suburb of Cottesloe, with its famous beach, restaurants and bars, treelined streets, old and new money in equal measure. In the 2013 federal election, which delivered Tony Abbott as Australia’s 28th Prime Minister, local member Julie Bishop received a resounding 67.4 per cent of the vote, returning her with an increased majority […]

Progressive, to a point: @GuinevereHall interviews the ALP’s Senator Louise Pratt

Before meeting with Senator Louise Pratt I needed to do a quick Google search, because West Australian senators don’t seem to have high profiles, and the Senate election appears less personality-driven than the election of House of Representatives, with the exception of a few players. Senator Pratt is currently the Parliamentary Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Water. After considering a career in journalism or academia, she joined the Labor Party at 21 because she wanted to be a participant in change, not a commentator. She was first elected to political office at 28. Last year she was demoted to the second position on the WA Labor Senate ticket behind Joe Bullock. […]

Fringe dwellers, sharks, preference paybacks and viral videos: @GuinevereHall reports on #WAvotes

The candidates for the West Australian Senate election have been quick off the mark with opening statements on how they see the issues. The Liberal Party, with the most to lose from the Senate rerun, came out hard against minor parties. Julie Bishop said: “The outcome of this election will not mean a change of government and it won’t mean that the Liberal Party has control of the Senate. What we need to do is ensure that there is a strong representation from Western Australia inside the government. Labor Senators can’t deliver that, minor parties can’t deliver that, fringe dwelling parties can’t deliver that. That’s why we are asking the […]

Counting and counting again, and again: @GuinevereHall on the #WAvotes

As I write this, a new election is to be held for the Western Australian Senate, the first time this has happened since 1907, when there was a re-vote for a single Senate position in South Australia. How did it come to this? The 2013 WA Senate election saw Labor’s Louise Pratt and the Palmer United Party’s Zhenya Dio Wang win the last two Senate spots. However, this was challenged by The Greens’ Scott Ludlum and the Sports Party’s Wayne Dropulich, due to the difference of just 14 votes at a critical point in the count. A recount was called and the new winners appeared to be Ludlam and Dropulich. […]