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The Queensland Weekly Blogazine - Tony Abbott declares war on Qld education.

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Recommended read – Sarah Binney.
Tony Abbott declares war on Qld education.
(June 26, 2015) – Carmody returning to work.
(June 25, 2015) – Gunning for Qld.
(June 24, 2015) – Adani halts project.
(June 23, 2015) – Premiers in retreats.
(June 22, 2015) –  Means tested state schools.
(June 21, 2015) – Courier Mail claims ministers can’t cope.

Recommended read – Sarah Binney

  • Sarah Binney from Griffith University has written a great piece on Australia’s despondency with the media gallery, “Julia Gillard’s recent interview with Lenore Taylor has highlighted the disdain that many in the community — from citizens to political masters — have long vented towards the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery (aka The Press Gallery). Former Prime Minister Gillard has delivered a scathing critique of contemporary media practices, suggesting the press gallery — the grand gate-keeper of all that is read, seen and heard about Australian federal politics — is largely preoccupied with leadership destabilisation at the expense of policy heavy reporting.”: Politics or Parliament? What is the role of a Press Gallery?

Tony Abbott declares war on Qld education

Just weeks after declaring he will block supply to Queensland over funding for infrastructure other than roads, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has again attacked the state by declaring his support for a plan to means test state school families for education. The revelation comes after a leaked report to Fairfax showed the government preferred to fund non-government schools and let Australia’s states and territories fend for themselves.

Early Monday, Abbott labeled the plan as “creative thinking” before later retreating from the statement in question time to agree with his education minister, Christopher Pyne, who denied the plan was Australian Government policy but left the door open to states and territories in providing their own means to test families.

However, Federal Queensland LNP MP for Bowman, Andrew Laming, liked the idea telling Fairfax, “The product has a value, the value should be reflected”.

Queensland Minister for Education Kate Jones slammed the plan declaring Labor would never submit to such a plan. Federal Labor Education Minsiter Kate Ellis backed her counterpart, describing the plan as “walking away” from commitments.

(June 26, 2015) – Carmody returning to work

LNP says Tim Carmody Labor’s fault

VLAD laws Labor not consulting says LNP


Parliament’s clocks


(June 25, 2015) – Gunning for Qld

The Arts Premier

Future of Education

Jane Hutcheon interviews David Gonski on One Plus One

Jane Hutcheon interviews David Gonski on One Plus One

Abbott’s cuts to legal services

Qld not delaying Adani

  • Joshua Robertson reported, “The Queensland government has denied being responsible for delays that the Indian coal giant Adani has cited as its reason for halting crucial engineering work for its contentious Carmichael mine project. Adani spoke of a “critical” need to finalise “approvals and timelines” after Guardian Australia reported on Wednesday that the company had suspended work by four major contractors on related rail and port projects.”: Queensland government denies delaying Adani’s Carmichael mine.
  • India Tomorrow reported, “Industrialist Gautam Adani effectively rebuts insinuations that any closeness to the PM has helped his growth. While most businessmen or industrialists are not shy of flaunting their proximity to politicians in power, first-generation entrepreneur and chairman of the $10-billion Adani group, 53-year-old Gautam Adani, with interests in resources, energy, logistics, edible oil, agri-business and real estate, isn’t one to do so.”: Adani’s market cap grew by 4,500{17ac88c265afb328fa89088ab635a2a63864fdefdd7caa0964376053e8ea14b3} during UPA regime.


(June 24, 2015) – Adani halts project

Contractors told to stop on Carmichael mine

$3 billion write-down in mining royalties

  • Melinda Howells  reported, “The Queensland budget will take a $3 billion hit over the next four years due to a downturn in the mining sector, Treasurer Curtis Pitt has said. Mr Pitt is preparing to hand down his first budget on July 14. He said the mining industry was suffering from low prices and falling international demand. “It is getting bucketed by some significant global challenges but that doesn’t change our determination to deliver to Queenslanders what we said we would, and that is an operating surplus,” he said.”: Queensland budget to see $3 billion write-down in mining royalties over next four years, Treasurer says.

No nude photo laws

  • Amy Remeikis and Jorge Branco reported, “The Queensland Government is not looking at specific legislation to combat revenge porn, despite worldwide attention on the growing trend. Fairfax Media recently reported nude and revealing images of more than 700 women from “Brisbane and surrounding areas” had been shared online through a New Zealand-based online storage service.”: Nude photo laws not being considered in Queensland.

Singapore trade mission


(June 23, 2015) – Premiers in retreats

Petition to support Gonski education

  • Jane Caro wrote, “The four education reform options outlined in a leaked green paper are all radical. That the most radical has now been ruled out is no comfort. What is the Abbott government playing at? Within 24 hours they sent the education sector into orbit and then back again. A leaked discussion paper developed by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet listed four radical education funding options as part of a green paper on federation reform. The most extreme of these options actually countenanced Australia becoming the first democracy to give up on free, compulsory, public education for all kids regardless of who their parents are.”: Are we being softened up for a slightly less horrendous education reform?


Resorting to same tactics

Palaszczuk critisised Newman for it. Now Palaszczuk is doing it and being criticised for once being critical. Should Queensland governments hold meetings at parliament rather than at resorts? Expenses for the 2 day talkfest are paid out of MP’s allowances.

FlashBack Steven Wardill and Sarah Vogler reported, “Campbell Newman and his LNP colleagues have traded campaigning in Redcliffe for a two-day talkfest at a ­picturesque rainforest retreat. The Queensland Premier and most of his 73 MPs last night bunkered down at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Resort in the Gold Coast hinterland for a two-day stay.”: Campbell Newman running for the hills as he moves from Redcliffe campaign trail to Gold Coast hinterland.

Katrina Blowers reported: Premier a 'hypocrite' over rainforest getaway  The Premier is being called a hypocrite for taking her ministerial team on a two-day getaway to a rain-forest resort instead of staying at Parliament.

Katrina Blowers reported: Premier a ‘hypocrite’ over rainforest getaway The Premier is being called a hypocrite for taking her ministerial team on a two-day getaway to a rain-forest resort instead of staying at Parliament.

Request for comment – Queensland May Day

  • Amy Remeikis reported, “Want to see Labour Day back in May? Do you believe the Queen’s Birthday holiday should remain in June? Then the Queensland Parliament wants to hear from you. The Finance and Administration Committee has been charged with leading the consultation on the government’s Holidays and Other Legislation Amendment Bill, which would undo the previous LNP-led government’s Labour Day date change.”: Should May Day holiday be moved back to May? Let the government know.

Greyhound live baiting

Newman’s Brisbane Council CityCycle cost

  • Cameron Atfield reported, “Brisbane’s CityCycle bike hire scheme has cost ratepayers more than $8 million since it was introduced in 2010, figures released by the Quirk council administration show. But the Labor opposition believed that figure was closer to $20 million and has promised to renegotiate the contract with the scheme’s operators, JC Decaux, should its candidate Rod Harding be elected as lord mayor next year.”: CityCycle’s $8.3 million cost to ratepayers revealed.

People who don’t want lockouts to curb alcohol-fuelled violence

  • Jack Houghton and Ryan Keen reported, “Those who own, run and staff the Gold Coast night-life sector look like they could all do with a stiff drink. The new Labor Government is planning a raft of strict measures across the state, which it says will deliver an election promise to tackle “alcohol-fuelled violence”. Sweeping changes include bringing lockout forward from 3am to 1am, closing from 5am to 3am, no shots or spirits on the rocks after midnight and enabling police to breath-test drinkers to shore up prosecutions of licensees and staff who serve intoxicated patrons.”: Hospitality workers speak out about the proposed changes to liquor licensing laws.


(June 22, 2015) – Means testing for state schools

The Twin Kates – Qld & Fed Labor slam plan

Katrina Blowers reported: $4b in education funding at risk - Qld says no to means-tested state schools.

Katrina Blowers reported: $4b in education funding at risk – Qld says no to means-tested state schools.

Christopher Pyne rejects plan

  • Matthew Knott reported, “Prime Minister Tony Abbott has ruled out supporting a controversial proposal to means-test free public education only hours after praising it as “creative thinking”. Earlier on Tuesday Education Minister Christopher Pyne dismissed the proposal, contained in a leaked discussion paper developed by the Prime Minister’s department, as a “balloon that’s been floated” and said he did not support it.”: Means-test for state school fees ruled out by Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne.
  • Shalailah Medhora reported, “The federal government will not support a proposal to means-test families before they can access public schooling, education minister Christopher Pyne has said. The schools chapter of the discussion paper on reform of the federation, leaked to Fairfax Media, puts forward a number of proposals for changing Australia’s school system, including making parents who can afford it pay a fee for public schooling. But Pyne took to Twitter on Monday morning to reject that suggestion. “The Australian government does not and will not support a means test for public education. Full stop. End of story,” Pyne wrote.”: Christopher Pyne rules out rich paying fees for public schooling.
Tony Abbott denies means test for education in question time.

Tony Abbott denies means test for education in question time.

Qld LNP MP for Bowman likes idea

Qld Coalition MP Andrew Laming says there should be means testing for public education.

Qld Coalition MP Andrew Laming says there should be means testing for public education.

Tony Abbott praises idea

Tony Abbott says education "absolutely a matter for states and territories".

Tony Abbott says education “absolutely a matter for states and territories”.

Leaked green paper

  • Matthew Knott reported, “Wealthy parents could be required to pay for their children to attend public schools under a radical federal government proposal that would open the door to means-tested free public education. The idea is outlined in a confidential discussion paper, developed within the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, that is set to spark a new national debate on school funding.”: Tony Abbott’s school reform paper proposes cutting federal funding.
  • Matthew Knott wrote, “Less than four years after David Gonski handed down his landmark review, the heated and complicated issue of how we fund our schools is again up for debate.”: School funding again up for debate.

Electric boats


(June 21, 2015) – Courier Mail claims ministers can’t cope

Editorial alleges ministry overworked

  • Sarah Vogler reported, “State Labor minister Mark Bailey says he does not believe Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to expand the size of her cabinet, insisting the 14 ministers are happy. His comments came after The Courier-Mail revealed calls for the cabinet to be expanded to help ministers struggling under mega portfolios.”: Queensland Labor Cabinet: Minister hoses down claims of overwork.

Joh for Canberra campaign

  • Amy Remeikis reports, “”That the National Party of Australia, (Qld) fully supports the move by Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen to attain the Prime Ministership … Accordingly, all members of the National Party, in this state, both Parliamentary and Organisational, are fully committed to this cause which can be appropriately styled Joh for PM for Australia’s sake.” So declared the Queensland National Party, led by president Robert Sparkes, in the early hours of February 28, 1987, in the sleepy coastal inlet town of Hervey Bay.”: Joh for PM: Paul Davey maps out Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s push for Canberra.

New driving tests

  • ABC News Queensland reported, “It is about to get tougher for learner drivers to get their P-plates in Queensland, with new tests set to be introduced at the end of the month. Minister for Main Roads and Road Safety Mark Bailey said learner drivers will have to undergo the new Q-Safe practical driving test to get their provisional plates from the end of June. He said there would be less emphasis on how to park, and more importance placed on life-threatening traffic hazards. “What we will be doing is we will be targeting, for instance, during the practical driving tests merging lanes at high-speed safe turns across oncoming traffic, concentrating on safe following distances and responding to dangerous situations, and there will be a zero tolerance for speeding during the practical driving tests,” he said.”: Learner drivers to face tough competency tests in Queensland from end of June.