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The Courier Mail claims of Queensland power station closures and blackouts under question.

In response to today’s The Courier Mail front page, the Australian Energy Market Operator has not modelled a 50 percent renewable energy target for Queensland.

NoFibs has received a statement from the Australian Energy Market Operator on claims made in today’s The Courier Mail that, Research says ALP’s renewable energy target will force closure of coal-fired power stations.

Steven Wardill wrote that, “Annastacia Palaszczuk’s renewable energy target will force the closure of coal-fired power stations, increase the risk of blackouts and cause dividends to dry up, new analysis has revealed. Research conducted for the Australian Institute of Progress warned the cascading closure of coal plants would begin from as early as next year under Labor’s plan for 50 per cent renewables use by 2030.”

The research was provided by the Australian Institute of Progress and, “conducted by economist and former LNP Federal candidate Jonathan Pavetto, was based on data recently released by the Australian Energy Market Operator,” the article admits.

November 11, 2017 The Courier Mail - Nervous Energy

At its website, the AIP confirms in its report, Implications of a 50{17ac88c265afb328fa89088ab635a2a63864fdefdd7caa0964376053e8ea14b3} renewable energy policy on Queensland’s energy sector, that, “We commissioned Jonathan Pavetto, an energy sector economist, to investigate the implications of a 50{17ac88c265afb328fa89088ab635a2a63864fdefdd7caa0964376053e8ea14b3} renewable energy policy on Queensland’s energy sector. His analysis is based on the Australian Energy Market Operator’s (AEMO) annual National Transmission Network Development Plan published in December 2016.” It draws attention to a timetable for retirement of black coal assets.

Implications of a changing generation mix

On his Linked-in account, Mr Pavetto lists experience with such organisations as Queensland Sugar Limited, LNP candidate for federal electorate of Kennedy, spokesperson for The Alliance of Electricity Consumers and other policy and consultancy roles. Mr Pavetto also stood for the LNP in the federal seat of Kennedy against the incumbent Bob Katter at the 2016 federal election.

Queensland Energy Minister Mark Bailey said Mr Pavetto was involved in the ‘Strong Choices’ asset sales/leasing program under the former Queensland Newman Government. Mr Pavetto lists a role as consultant at the SAS Group. During the ‘Strong Choices’ asset sales/leasing policy of the Newman Government, he penned an article for the company, ‘Strong Choices asset privatisation overview’ for SAS Group.

The Queensland Electrical Trades Union Assistant State Secretary Keith McKenzie said in a statement that it was, ‘power plant hysteria driven by LNP aligned think tank’.

“This is the deeply partisan analysis of climate change skeptics from a right wing think tank created by former Liberal Party Vice President Graham Young,” he said.

University of Queensland economist John Quiggin posted on twitter that the AIP was a LNP outfit.

In a statement, AEMO told NoFibs that, “to date AEMO has not modelled a 50{17ac88c265afb328fa89088ab635a2a63864fdefdd7caa0964376053e8ea14b3} renewable energy target for Queensland in any of our reports.”

In a separate report released today, Australian Chief Scientist Alan Finkel said renewables could reliably contribute 50pc to the power grid and that Australia risks missing global growth in the industry of energy storage because of the nation’s policy uncertainty.