Amy is a country-Victoria raised, Melbourne-based communications specialist, interested in connecting to, and photographing, the world around her; and beyond her own postcode. Having worked in communications and marketing roles for local and state government offices, finance companies, higher education institutions, and major events, in Australia and abroad, she also has a few views on what meaningful and effective communications should look like.

Passionate about photojournalism (and forever dreaming of working for National Geographic) her website ( shares the stories that photography captures, tales of travel to far away places, and views on what she cares about in the world — including Morocco’s ‘Danielgate’ scandal, which led to a brief appearance on Al Jazeera English’s ‘The Stream’ programme in 2013.

Amy has a BA (Public Relations) from RMIT University, and while late-ish to Twitter, is making up for lost time at @AmyFeldtmann