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Andrew Bolt breaks Godwin’s Law in marriage equality campaign.

Andrew Bolt picks up a Gold Kenny award

The Mike Carlton inspired Gold Kenny award for this week has gone to Andrew Bolt for his column claiming that Labor will implement a ‘gay gestapo’. 

Labor will pay a gay gestapo to hound you once it’s made gay marriage law, whatever the result of next month’s plebiscite:
LABOR will spend $1.4 million to appoint a watchdog for gay and lesbian rights…

The Opposition has already promised to introduce marriage equality legislation into the Parliament within the first 100 days of the next term.

Shorten last Thursday made clear he’d do this regardless of next month’s public vote.

I don’t think anyone is allowed to resist.

If same-sex marriage advocates keep up their bullying they will lose the unloseable plebiscite:

Support for same-sex marriage has crashed ahead of the Turnbull government’s postal survey…, according to the latest polling from same-sex marriage advocates.
The poll says the “yes” camp is still miles in front, but how many of the respondents are now too scared to be honest?

There’s no point us exploring how silly this is. As many have pointed out, it is extremely hurtful to relate marriage equality to Hitler given the persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany.

Instead, let’s reflect on a recent Time article on Mike Godwin.  His law still encourages us, as it has done since the 1990s, to think before introducing Hitler & Nazism into any debate, Should You Call Someone Hitler? Here’s What the Man Behind Godwin’s Law Thinks.

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