Margo Kingston

Margo Kingston

Co-publisher and editor-in-chief at No Fibs
Margo Kingston is a retired Australian journalist and climate change activist. She is best known for her stint as Phillip Adams’ ‘Canberra Babylon’ contributor and her work at The Sydney Morning Herald and #Webdiary. Since 2012, Kingston has been a citizen journalist, reporting and commenting on Australian politics via Twitter and No Fibs.
Margo Kingston

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By Margo Kingston,

14 March, 2014

I spoke to SPC Ardmona managing director Peter Kelly for the first time this morning. He was on speaker phone with his marketing and communication director Bronwyn Powell. I had all your Twitter questions written down to ask, but Peter had read them all last night in preparation for our interview. My recording failed after the first 25 minutes and didn’t pic up till 44 minutes in. So I had a nervous breakdown, so to speak, but then I let that go and looked at what I had.

Here is 25 amazing minutes of Peter Kelly telling the inside story of the fight to save SPC Ardmona, and how, in the end, the Government’s lie that it refused a $25 million co-investment due to overly generous working conditions birthed an #SPCsunday miracle.

I’ve been pondering how to write the story, then decided I’d just invite you to listen and, if you wish, write your version of a news or feature story based on its contents. There’s more than one news story in here, and there’s lots of thought provoking material about the future of Australian manufacturing. Enjoy.

Here is the end of the interview, focused on the social media and new product future for SPC.