The next #leardblockade bat attack on #liverpoolplains, by local Ros Druce

Stop Work…Independent Audit into the Approval of Whitehaven’s Maules Creek Project…Before the Forest Falls! In my Renegade' #frightbat colony, no gender/politics bar. We fight for Truth, Justice, Nature & the Australian Way. — Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) June 19, 2014 I wonder if Nathan Tinkler ever envisaged so much opposition from the locals of Maules […]

A love letter to all who fight at #leardblockade from Maules Creek farmer eco-warrior Ros Druce

[clear] Maules Ck Local Ros Druce – why I got arrested for first time in my life at #leardblockade. — Margo Kingston (@margokingston1) May 6, 2014 Dedicated to all Earth Warriors, past and present, protecting the Leard State Forest As the Leard Campaign strives to save the tiny creatures with no defence against […]

Cards on the table please Minister Hunt: Roselyn Druce comments on #Leardblockade

By Roselyn Druce 2nd February 2014 What’s all the fuss about the Leard State Forest? Well, it’s about a public forest that belongs to the people, both the traditional owners, the Gomeroi, and all Australian people. It is under threat by two mostly foreign-owned coal mining companies – Whitehaven Coal and Idemitsu Boggabri Coal. Ultimately […]

Boggabri, a country town at war within: Roselyn Druce comments on #Leardblockade

By Roselyn Druce 26th January 2014, Australia Day Intro: This opinion piece by Maules Creek farmer Roselyn Druce is a reply to the recent report published in The Courier which detailed the negative attitude of Boggabri Business Promotions president, John Shaw, to the #Leardblockade. Druce describes her piece as: “A reflection on how the surrounding farming in […]