Margo Kingston

Margo Kingston

Co-publisher and editor-in-chief at No Fibs
Margo Kingston is a retired Australian journalist and climate change activist. She is best known for her stint as Phillip Adams’ ‘Canberra Babylon’ contributor and her work at The Sydney Morning Herald and #Webdiary. Since 2012, Kingston has been a citizen journalist, reporting and commenting on Australian politics via Twitter and No Fibs.
Margo Kingston

ON JUNE 19 last year at the Lindfield Football Club debrief for volunteers, Nicolette Boele announced that Voices for Bradfield had re-endorsed her as its candidate for the next federal election. After all, an all-volunteer campaign on a tight budget in the Indi Way tradition had achieved the biggest swing against a sitting Liberal MP in the nation, turning an ultra-safe blue ribbon seat marginal.

Five months later Nic and her campaign manager Rob Mills discussed how their grand experiment was playing out so far

Nic has since begun local fundraising operations with her wingwoman Carey Francis, both of whom had a chat to me about where their experiment is at and how it’s about to be put on hold to focus on “Bradfield for Yes” before the referendum. 

Voices for Bradfield and Nic have already begun Kitchen Table Conversations on The Voice and organised a town hall at St Ives Community Centre on July 23. I’ll be there to report for No Fibs.


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